Pissy-Shitty Queen

Golden shower phone sex

I love taking a shit and peeing on my submissive girlfriend. She lets me do whatever I want to her and I love it. She’s a freaky bitch like me. I met her my senior year in college at a “end of the year” party and we flirted the whole night. The next day we went on a date and was together ever since. Last night we had the best sex ever. I was pissing and shitting all in her mouth and she loved every minute of it. Can I pee in your mouth baby? Can I shit on you? I always use my shit as lube to fuck her tight black asshole with my 9-inch strap on. She screams and moans so loud and it always turns me on. You want to be my submissive cunt too daddy? Can I have my way with you? You want to be my little sissy punk? I am a dominant bitch who needs a freak bitch 24/7. Are you ready for me?

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    • Silvio on April 29, 2022 at 9:48 AM
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    I’m ready for you, you freaky bitch.

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