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black girl phone sex I can be a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets I love to be tied up and be a complete contrast from by normal everyday mundane lifestyle. I want to be grabbed by my hair and have someone thrust their vein filled hard cock inside my mouth. Be totally slutted out a wife to a prostitute you let me fullfill your darkest freakiest fantasy withs out judgement or side eye. Nothing and I do mean nothing is off limits my pussy is so wet from knowing I have to go back to regular life in an hour after being fucked like a total whore that I really am. No one can see that side of me like superman and clark kent. No ONE but you knows what I really like and how hard I cum knowing that no one else can make me come like you daddy

college cock sucker

college coed sexCollege is so fun, except for me having to share a room with someone. Every night she brings home a different guy, and that’s great we are young, dumb, and full of cum. The problem is she is really loud the moans and screams are just too much for me to bear. I lay in my tiny bed my little pussy so wet with desire from the sounds. I begin to touch myself and shake from the idea of being fucked like that. Oh how I so wish that was me. As the juices flow down my thigh I am flushed with sweat the sheets are soaked. This one time she even got cream pied by two guys, and this is the day my fantasy was fulfilled. It was loud of course and one of the guys saw me playing with my pussy he didn’t say a word just walked over to my side of the room and put his huge cock in my mouth filling it up as he began to finger my hot, wet pussy. I Like this roommate after all.

cock sucking lucid dream

phone sexJust put the little ones to bed sitting here thinking about a fantasy I have about being filled full of cum and having to have my stomach pumped. Two strong men stormed in and tie me up and take turns having their way with me blindfold and handcuffed I just love the suspense of waiting to have cum all over face and down my deep throat. Patiently awaiting the hot thick cum I so crave, the idea of not knowing when its coming is making my tight little pussy quiver with wetness as the masked robbers tear through and rip off my panties to squeeze that hard cock inside as I scream with pleasure. In utter silence I suddenly realize that I’m all alone and that it was all a lucid dream that seemed all too real. I just want to be some one’s fantasy after all dreams can come true.

Submissive Phone Sex Whore

submissive phone sexI am a submissive whore and just saying that makes my cunt soaking wet. So, when I got the text to meet him at the cabin I immediately went. Waiting for me was a hot sexy outfit, heels, a ball gag and a hood. I knew what to do. The outfit left my tits bare and holes over my cunt and ass. I even attached the ball gag and hood. Then I stood there. Patiently and not moving. It seemed like hours but was probably minutes. I heard the door open and then felt his hands on my back. He didn’t say a word as he led me down the hall. He lifted my hands and attached them to hooks on the ceiling. He put a spreader on my ankles, and I heard them clasp. Then silence again. I waited patiently again, like the obedient slut I am. Then whip, the strap went across my tits. The sensation burning my nipples but the pain making me so wet. Another strike and another. I could feel my skin burn and my flesh open, but I didn’t care. I wanted more. He moved the whip down and started whipping my bald cunt. He pulled my clit from between my lips and whipped it too. He laughed as he watched his punishment and pain bring me to an orgasm.

Phone Sex Submissive

phone sexAs a filthy submissive whore, I think that I came up with a fantastic New Year’s resolution. In 2021, I want to spend every single day trussed up like a little bondage Pig. I want to be that little pain cow for my masters, and entertain them in the only way I know how; being a delicious, disgusting fuck-toy. You thought I had no limits now, but this year I’m not going to say no to anything. When I’m given a choice, I’m going to pick the one that hurts the worst, or scars the worst, or burns the worst. All that masochistic pain makes my slutty pussy drip like a leaky faucet, and I know that makes Master’s cock hard.

I want to spend my days doing more than just draining the balls of men. I truly want to entertain them. I truly want them to have an unforgettable experience when I’m in their company. I’m a bondage whore, a submissive slut, a masochistic bitch and a no limits BDSM freak. There’s nothing you can throw at me that I can’t handle, and there’s nothing you can demand of me that I won’t willingly do. I will give you absolutely everything that you asked for, and my cunt will drip the entire time.

A Good Christmas Whore

I was just trying to make some Christmas cookies to leave out for Santa, but Daddy wasn’t trying to wait. He wanted my young, sweet pussy now. He came up behind me, and put those big fucking hands around my throat, and kissed me tenderly. I gasped, my young nipples started getting so hard. I could feel Daddy’s cock stiffening, getting harder and harder as he grinded on my nice round ass. I obliged him and pushed back against him. It just drives me wild to know he wants to bury his fat daddy cock in my young wet pussy.

Married Men Phone Sex

He forced my body to the ground and stuffed his cock deep inside my throat. As I swallowed and spit all over his cock, he thumbed my nipples so sweetly it was hard not to cum right then and there. Daddy wanted me and he always gets what he wants; he wanted to slide his fucking cock in and out of my tight young cunt until he exploded right up inside of me. I couldn’t help it! I turned off the stove as he wrapped a hand in my hair. Whimpering, he bent me over the counter, ripping my little yoga shorts right out of the way. He slapped his hard cock right off of my tight little ass before burying that Daddy dick deep in my pussy. It was only a few strokes in and out of my pussy until I was exploding in ecstasy all over his cock. He ignored my screams and continued to pound my pussy until he filled me up, full of his cum.

Sexy Cum Slut Lashay

married men phone sexMy sex life started to get pretty fucking boring lately. Pulling a guy or two from the club or the bar and fucking them was starting to get super lame. My best friend told me about house parties that people throw where anything goes so I decided to look into it and found one that was being hosted in the area close to me. As I pulled up to the house, I could see all types of different people walking in, straight couples, gay couples, single people, all shades and body types dressed in lingerie or something of the sort. I knew that I was amongst my type of people.

I entered the house and instantly my nipples got hard and I could feel my clit twitching in between my pussy lips. This was a huge play pin for any and every taboo game that one could engage in. And looking around, I saw a plethora of sexy playmates, guys and girls alike. In the corner was a soft girl on girl pussy eating scene and then close by them was two guys fucking the shit out of an Asian chick and enjoying each other. Then there was your traditional guy on girl fuck fest happening on the other side of the room, with a couple of guys standing by stroking their dicks while enjoying the view. My body started trembling with excitement as I stripped myself while making my way through the festivities.

By the time I removed my last piece of clothing, I was on my knees, naked and being fucked in every orifice by every sort of cock that I could find. And the guys were happy to oblige, they came crawling from everywhere coming to fuck the fresh piece of pussy in the building. My holes were continuously filled with cock, fingers or tongue, the entire time and I felt every type of cock: BBCs to giant white horse cocks, to thick and sturdy dicks of every size and girth. It felt amazing. The best part of this huge gangfuck was me riding the shit out of this gorgeous white horse dick while being fucked in my ass and having my mouth used as a cumbucket for every other guy in the area. I finally felt like the little fucking cum dumpster that I am, being fucked in every hole that they could violate and covered in cum. This is the only way that I want to be fucked from now on.

Cum Whore LaShay

rough sex phone sexMaster brought a fuck machine for me today. He tied me up and tried it out on me as soon as he got home. He sat as if he was part of an audience as he watched in amazement and stroked his cock, controlling the thing like a puppet. I moaned and screamed as I struggled unsuccessfully to break loose and free myself from this constant fucking. But the more I struggled, the deeper this dildo pushed himself inside of me. “Master, please! Please stop it!” I pleaded. He paid my pleas no attention and instead turned up the machine even further. Master loves to torture me and I can’t lie, it feels so fucking good when he does. This machine was fucking me so rough and fast, I couldn’t do anything but cum continuously. He continued to stroke his cock as I squirted and came all over. He left me there getting ruthlessly fucked by this machine for what felt like eternity before removing it from my pussy and putting it in my asshole. He then proceeded to fuck my pussy while the machine fucked my ass. As if I thought I couldn’t cum anymore, he made the impossible happen. He made my whole body tremble before finally blessing me and bathing me in his cock juices. I couldn’t believe that he had just made me cum so many times. That’s the only way I want to be fucked from now on!

Caramel Slave LaShay

wet bald pussyI need a man that knows how to treat me like the whore I am. Tie me up, gag me and fuck me until I beg you for mercy. Some men don’t understand that a woman just wants to be dominated at times and brutally fucked, forced to take cock. Slap me in my face as you push your cock deeper into my pussy; make me ask for permission in order to cum all over your cock.

Master always fucks me like I desire to be fucked. As soon as he walks into the room, I drop to my knees and keep my head down, waiting for his acknowledgement. “You want me to treat you like the whore your are, slave?” “Yes master!” Just mouthing the words makes my pussy wet, this is what I’ve been waiting for. He ties my hands behind my back and my feet together before allowing me to worship his huge cock. I spit and suck all over his cock before he grabs me by the back of the head and forces it deeper into my throat. As I gag on his huge cock, he slaps me and calls me a good fucking whore. That’s what I love hearing; that’s all I want is to be your good little whore. When master is satisfied, he lifts me off the floor and bends me over. “Yes Master, please fuck me”, I beg, anticipating the feeling of his huge dick entering my pussy. He has a different idea, however. Instead, he begins whipping my back and ass as I continue to beg for his cock. He knows exactly how to treat me.

What Is Your Phone Sex Fetish?

What is your phone sex fetish? We all have kinks and fetishes we cannot just tell anyone. Women like me are here for you though. We want to hear your naughty thoughts and experiences. We are like phone therapists. To make you feel better, I will share one of my fetishes with you. I enjoy being a submissive slut to a hot bitch in charge. All girls have a hot friend. Most women have some lesbian experiences in their background too. I have a girl crush on my bestie Sarah. She is gorgeous and a take charge kind of woman. Last night she came over to watch some TV with me. Netflix and chill kind of night. We drank fruity drinks and I spilled my beans. I told her I would love to eat her pussy and let her fuck me in the ass. She told me to get naked and get on all fours like her pet. She collared me and started to spank me with a whip. Every slap to the ass made my honey pot wetter. She broke out her strap-on gear to fuck me like a little slut. She fucked both my ass and my pussy with her big black dildo. I was so aroused by her dominance that I squirted. My girl juice sprayed everywhere. When she was done fucking me, I had to be a little ass to mouth slut for her too. I sucked my ass and cunt juice off her plastic cock like a good bitch. I ate her cunt and made her cum on my face. I may not be submissive for a man, but for a girl? Any day. What is your kinky fetish?

Phone Sex Fetish

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