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Your Voice

Hot phonesexNothing makes this Goddesses pussy twitch more than hearing a sexy male voice on the phone.  My mind starts to form an image of you as soon as that first word is spoken.  I can feel my body heat up in anticipation for what you have in store for us.  Every single time, it is something erotic and intoxicating.  I have the perfect body, and perfect mannerisms about me to make the experience just as wonderful for you as you make it for me.  It is incredible the amount of sexual creativity that all my callers have.  Some are shy, some are more out going, some love to guide the call, others want me to take control.  The scenarios go on and on, there is no limit to what we do and can do with each other.  There are times when the call is so detailed and intense that I lose myself in the words, your voice, the soft sounds of moans of pleasure we both make.  It is true that there is a Heaven on Earth and it is on the phone with you.

Cheap Phone Sex

Roleplaying With Geneva

I am often asked what is my specialty.  I take great pride in the knowledge that my experience with role-play, fetishes, and fantasies are vast.  I am not bragging by any means.  I find bragging to be uncouth, and gaudy in nature, I do not partake in it.  However, if one excels at something there is no reason not to make it known in a dignified manner.

To answer the question I can only say this.  I am very cerebral in my talents.  There is an Art to what I do, one which I have the highest respect for. I go to great pains to be as detailed as I can possibly be.  I bring a sense of realism to all my phone sessions.  I incorporate all the senses, also those things that are tactile in nature.  The way things feel, the way things react, taking your fantasy and making it my own. 

Not only does this allow me to derive great pleasure, but it also makes it exponentially better for you.  I have an “A type personality”, which means that I never do anything half way.  I always give 100% to each and every experience.  I understand that I cannot be everything to everyone, but I would certainly love to be your everything if only for a few moments.  Tell me what you desire so I can create a world where you might never want to leave. One in which you can return to over and over again, after all I am but a phone call away.

Welcome To The Neighborhood

My name is Geneva and I would like to welcome you to the neighborhood.  Sorry about it being so late, I had a very busy day and couldn’t get over here to welcome you any soon.  Is your wife home? Oh, she isn’t? Then perhaps I should leave, and come back at a more suitable time.  Are you sure? I suppose I could come in for a few minutes. I’ll take a glass of wine if you do not mind.  Thank you, I will indeed make myself at home.

What’s wrong? You did say to make myself at home, did you not?  Stop staring at me with your mouth open, you look ridiculous like that.  Just bring my wine over and sit on the floor with me.  It’s okay, I won’t bite, at least not to break the skin.  That’s right, park yourself right next to me.  This wine is rather yummy, it tastes expensive, is it? Why are you trying not to make eye contact with me?  Do you not like the way I look naked?

I have a confession to make, I knew your wife wasn’t here.  I spoke with her this morning and she said that she was leaving to go and spend a week with her Mother.  Shame that she left you here all alone.  Although, I suppose your dick can be counted as another person since it is trying ever so hard to stand up straight and burst out of your pants.

I have the perfect cure for a hard cock like yours.  Yes, yes I do. All you need to do is take your clothes off, get closer to me, and fuck me.  I think that will take care of your cock just fine.  Do not worry, I will not speak a word of this to your wife. You can just consider the friendliest neighbor in the world, now let’s get that cock out, shall we?

FuckaliciousFreaks For Less

Do you suffer from LackOfGirlfrienditis?  Do you find yourself reaching out for a tit in the middle of night only to find you have grabbed onto a blow up doll who has lost her air? Or do you suffer from the dreaded BitchForAWifetitus? We here at the FuckaliciousFreaks Institute have spent years perfecting a way in which you can find relief from these bothersome symptoms!

Let one of our Professionals take you through the simple YET highly effective process to elevate; and for a few moments; eradicate the above mentioned ailments.  We here love your cock, we love that you like to stick your engorged dick deep within the darkened entry way of our anal cavity.  You do not even have to knock, just come right in fellas! We love having you slam your cock so far down our throat that you can feel the hot dog we had for lunch.  Still unsure if you should give one of our Highly Perved Out Professionals A Try? Read this testimony:

Caller: …… JELLY!!!

That’s right Gentlemen we phone fucked his brains out!  Now he just drools in the corner screaming JELLY, but oh what an orgasm it was!  A tsunami of cum washed over the room like a….well….tsunami!

Still not certain that we can help you with your problem?  Then, we have a discounted rate, for ALL callers! That’s right, for ALL callers!  You must be 21 years old to use our service, because you will become drunk on our pussy juice, and the legal drinking age is 21, sorry just out of High School boys, you will have to wait!  Here’s a tissue and some lotion to hold you over until you reach the age of 21. How do you take advantage of our special rate? You simply ask at the start of the billing process, it’s that easy.

The time is right, stop suffering needlessly!  Give one of our Professionals a call today! 

The Black List

There is a show on the telly called “The Black List.”  I simply adore this show, I think James Spader is amazing as the bad guy, plus, his character is slathered in hotness.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, you should.  It’s about a man (James Spader) that turns himself into the FBI, being one of the most wanted men in the world.  He leads them to not so nice people who he has on; what he refers to as his “Black List.”  The show is very well written, there are many twists, turns, surprises, and you never know what is coming next.

I have decided that I would love to have my own “Black List”, but instead of bad guys, I would have the most delicious assortment of chocolate skinned men on mine.  I would gather the names of all these  yummy morsels that I wish to devour and go after them one by one.  Of course, I wouldn’t need the fucking FBI to help me.  I have these things, called tits, and I also have this other thing, called a pussy.  I’m pretty sure I can get every single man on my “Black List” that I want, just by using them.

I’m Too Sexy To Clean

Look at me Luv.  I just do not have it in me to clean up.  I would get a split end, or break a nail, or *gasp* sweat!  Do I know how to clean, of course I do, get someone to do it for me.  It’s the most efficient way to get things done.  Do you know what the trick is to getting a man to take off his clothes and clean the house, or do dishes?  Simply ask.  That’s right, that’s the whole bloody secret! 

I have also found, that if I dress a certain way; give them some eye candy; while they are cleaning, it gives them some incentive to do a good job.  Not once after a man has undressed, and cleaned for me have I ever had to go back and re-do anything.  You see, I always tell them, that if you do a great job, they will get a special treat after they are done.  Then I parade around without my panties on, or top less, or just bend over a lot.  To make them want to reach that goal of that treat that I mentioned earlier.

It always happens, they come to me, out of breath, tired, but yet still very excited, wanting to show me what a great job they did.  I take a look and see that they have indeed done a brilliant job of doing their chores.  Then I have them get changed so I can give them their treat.  I have to say, nobody has complained about the wonderful after cleaning treat they have received, and come to think of it, I doubt that they ever will. What can I say? I make sure to make the house cleaning a very sexy affair in my home.

Guided Tantric Meditation Phone Sex

Have you ever tried Guided Tantric Meditation? I am sure a good majority have never even heard of this type of phone sex before.  I shall explain.  First, we must look at what Tantric Sex is.  I am sure you have seen, read, or heard of the Kama Sutra.  That is the sex with all the crazy positions like: OMG I’ll never walk again, or the: I think My Dick Just Snapped Off, or the even more popular: You want my head to go where?!?!? 

Tantric sex isn’t about the orgasm, it’s about the connection, and spiritual aspect of love making.  It does not move at the speed of: thrust, thrust, twirl, cum, here is money for a cab, later darling.  It is slow, purposeful, and actually quite beautiful.  You linger in positions, allowing your whole being to experience the feeling.  This can go on for hours, just ask Sting.

Now take that and merge it into a Guided Tantric Meditative state while you are guided to bring pleasure to yourself.  This is a very long process, you are guided, with soft words, given direction, and then left to experience the touch of your hand upon yourself, how your breathing sounds, how your skin feels, how your energy builds.  The directions are given at a slow pace, you are lulled by these few words into an almost trance like state (please note this is entirely different than Hypnosis).  The directions are given with long breaks in between instructions so you can allow yourself to have a full body spiritual orgasm.  This may include you achieving actual orgasm, but it’s the feeling of orgasm throughout your whole self with out cum shooting out the end of your cock that you are trying to achieve. 


This Little Piggy…

….followed Me into the bathroom at a club.  Mates, take a clue from Me on this.  Do not come at a Girl with your Douche Gear working over time, we want a polite man for the most part, not some Jersey Shore Guido.  Thank you, now back to the Piggy.

I get a lot of attention when I go out, as do My mates that I go out with.  This one evening was just like all the others.  Loud music, a lot of drink, and us having a blast.  Unlike most, we do not go to the bathroom together, I have no desire to spend my time pissing in the same room as my friends. 

It was getting to the point where there were only about twenty or so people left at the end of the night.  I went into the Ladies Room to check my make-up and of course take a piss.  This man gets up, and starts to follow me, then says, “Do you need any help?” Do I look like my piss hole doesn’t work?  I said, “No mate, I am fine.”   Does he hear Me? Apparently not, he follows Me into the bathroom.  He was so drunk, so I thought, alright, if he wants to play, I’ll play, but I’m not going to allow him anywhere near My pussy.

I say, wait right here.  I go and take a piss.  I come out and he is still there, just like I told him to be.  I jumped up onto the sink, and told him that if he could make Me cum without touching My pussy that I would fuck him.  He tried so hard, I mean really hard, but he was so unsteady on his feet he kept falling over.  Finally I couldn’t take any more and decided to put him out of his misery.

I said, “Pay attention to My feet.” He was all over that, I foot fucked his mouth, he sucked on My pretty toes, licked My perfect instep, I rubbed My feet on the outside of his slacks.  I did cum with him doing that, I love My feet being worshiped.  We had made a deal, he made Me cum; without him touching My pussy; but, instead of Me fucking him in the conventional sense, I leaned down and placed a kiss on his forehead, grabbed My purse and made My way to the door.  He said, “WAIT!  I made you cum, now you have to fuck me!”  I turned around, smiled, and said, “Oh mate, I am, I’m fucking you over.” I left the bathroom and the club before he even came out of the Ladies Room.

Even A Goddess Needs Some Attention Now And Then

I have been dating a very nice Gentleman for about three months now.  I adore him to bits.  He adores Me as well.  He is handsome, charming, doesn’t live with his Mum, and does not have a criminal history.  All the things I look for when deciding upon a potential partner.  This past weekend, one of his mates were in the States for a business trip.  I have never met him before, I have seen him speaking to Ian on Skype and have said Hello a few times.  Other then that we have had no contact. 

Ian had mentioned that Liam would be staying at a Hotel for the month that he was here, and asked if I would be opposed to having him over for dinner one night.  I thought the whole idea of having a good friend pay to stay somewhere when there is a perfectly good guest room available in My home for him to use.  I told Ian, “Tell Liam to just come here and stay.”  Ian thought it was a brilliant idea, and did not want to ask because his and My relationship is still rather new.  I told him he was being silly, to just have his mate stay with Me. 

Liam arrived via a car service I hired to pick him up, I do have to say that he was so much more handsome in person then he was on the laptop screen.  I was a bit taken aback, then I slapped my hands before they could reach out and touch him.  Bad Geneva, BAD!  Ian came over after work to find Liam and I cooking in the kitchen.  Ian was so very happy that we were getting along so very well. 

After dinner, we retired to the living room to have a few drinks.  Ian and Liam started to chat about old times, and Liam let it slip that him and Ian had both shagged Ian’s girlfriend from a few years ago.  Ian was instantly pissed.  I laughed about it, and assured Ian that anything he had done in his past, was just that, in his past.  Then I started to ask questions about it.  They told Me everything.  I thought, what the hell.  I just simply said, “I know that slag wasn’t as hot as I, so why don’t you fellas just give Me what you gave her, and we will see if I’m better.”  Liam spit his wine out and Ian almost fell off the sofa.  it took some doing, but when does a girl have two gorgeous men just sitting around?  I took full advantage of them, and they took full advantage of me.  The best part, was when Ian was in My pussy, and Liam was in My ass.  I honestly hope this happens again before Liam goes back to Scotland, because that was the most amazing Double Penetration sex I have ever had.

Cuckold Phone Sex

What do you think Darling?  Do you think this outfit will cause a few glances to come my way?  More importantly do you think it will attract what I am going out to find?  Oh don’t look so shattered about it.  We have been together for six months now, and although you have tried; over and over; to please me, you just cannot Darling.  It’s tiring having you on top of me, pumping away like mad, only to have me push you off after a few moments.  It messes up my hair, and you tend to get sweaty, it’s not flattering for you my luv. 

I thought it was brilliant, the plan that I came up with.  You, at the time, agreed.  It seemed the more I spoke about it, the more excited you became.  I’m doing this for the both of us.  You do want to see me happy do you not?  You do want me to be satisfied so I stay with you, correct?  I thought so.  You see Darling, this is the perfect solution. 

Now when I get home, please have the bed ready and greet us at the door.  I wish for the champagne to be chilled, and two glasses set beside the bed.  You will serve us our drinks, then you will sit in the seat where I positioned it, and watch me get what you cannot provide.  A nice, hard, fucking with a huge Bull Cock.