Even A Goddess Needs Some Attention Now And Then

I have been dating a very nice Gentleman for about three months now.  I adore him to bits.  He adores Me as well.  He is handsome, charming, doesn’t live with his Mum, and does not have a criminal history.  All the things I look for when deciding upon a potential partner.  This past weekend, one of his mates were in the States for a business trip.  I have never met him before, I have seen him speaking to Ian on Skype and have said Hello a few times.  Other then that we have had no contact. 

Ian had mentioned that Liam would be staying at a Hotel for the month that he was here, and asked if I would be opposed to having him over for dinner one night.  I thought the whole idea of having a good friend pay to stay somewhere when there is a perfectly good guest room available in My home for him to use.  I told Ian, “Tell Liam to just come here and stay.”  Ian thought it was a brilliant idea, and did not want to ask because his and My relationship is still rather new.  I told him he was being silly, to just have his mate stay with Me. 

Liam arrived via a car service I hired to pick him up, I do have to say that he was so much more handsome in person then he was on the laptop screen.  I was a bit taken aback, then I slapped my hands before they could reach out and touch him.  Bad Geneva, BAD!  Ian came over after work to find Liam and I cooking in the kitchen.  Ian was so very happy that we were getting along so very well. 

After dinner, we retired to the living room to have a few drinks.  Ian and Liam started to chat about old times, and Liam let it slip that him and Ian had both shagged Ian’s girlfriend from a few years ago.  Ian was instantly pissed.  I laughed about it, and assured Ian that anything he had done in his past, was just that, in his past.  Then I started to ask questions about it.  They told Me everything.  I thought, what the hell.  I just simply said, “I know that slag wasn’t as hot as I, so why don’t you fellas just give Me what you gave her, and we will see if I’m better.”  Liam spit his wine out and Ian almost fell off the sofa.  it took some doing, but when does a girl have two gorgeous men just sitting around?  I took full advantage of them, and they took full advantage of me.  The best part, was when Ian was in My pussy, and Liam was in My ass.  I honestly hope this happens again before Liam goes back to Scotland, because that was the most amazing Double Penetration sex I have ever had.

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