I’m Too Sexy To Clean

Look at me Luv.  I just do not have it in me to clean up.  I would get a split end, or break a nail, or *gasp* sweat!  Do I know how to clean, of course I do, get someone to do it for me.  It’s the most efficient way to get things done.  Do you know what the trick is to getting a man to take off his clothes and clean the house, or do dishes?  Simply ask.  That’s right, that’s the whole bloody secret! 

I have also found, that if I dress a certain way; give them some eye candy; while they are cleaning, it gives them some incentive to do a good job.  Not once after a man has undressed, and cleaned for me have I ever had to go back and re-do anything.  You see, I always tell them, that if you do a great job, they will get a special treat after they are done.  Then I parade around without my panties on, or top less, or just bend over a lot.  To make them want to reach that goal of that treat that I mentioned earlier.

It always happens, they come to me, out of breath, tired, but yet still very excited, wanting to show me what a great job they did.  I take a look and see that they have indeed done a brilliant job of doing their chores.  Then I have them get changed so I can give them their treat.  I have to say, nobody has complained about the wonderful after cleaning treat they have received, and come to think of it, I doubt that they ever will. What can I say? I make sure to make the house cleaning a very sexy affair in my home.

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