This Little Piggy…

….followed Me into the bathroom at a club.  Mates, take a clue from Me on this.  Do not come at a Girl with your Douche Gear working over time, we want a polite man for the most part, not some Jersey Shore Guido.  Thank you, now back to the Piggy.

I get a lot of attention when I go out, as do My mates that I go out with.  This one evening was just like all the others.  Loud music, a lot of drink, and us having a blast.  Unlike most, we do not go to the bathroom together, I have no desire to spend my time pissing in the same room as my friends. 

It was getting to the point where there were only about twenty or so people left at the end of the night.  I went into the Ladies Room to check my make-up and of course take a piss.  This man gets up, and starts to follow me, then says, “Do you need any help?” Do I look like my piss hole doesn’t work?  I said, “No mate, I am fine.”   Does he hear Me? Apparently not, he follows Me into the bathroom.  He was so drunk, so I thought, alright, if he wants to play, I’ll play, but I’m not going to allow him anywhere near My pussy.

I say, wait right here.  I go and take a piss.  I come out and he is still there, just like I told him to be.  I jumped up onto the sink, and told him that if he could make Me cum without touching My pussy that I would fuck him.  He tried so hard, I mean really hard, but he was so unsteady on his feet he kept falling over.  Finally I couldn’t take any more and decided to put him out of his misery.

I said, “Pay attention to My feet.” He was all over that, I foot fucked his mouth, he sucked on My pretty toes, licked My perfect instep, I rubbed My feet on the outside of his slacks.  I did cum with him doing that, I love My feet being worshiped.  We had made a deal, he made Me cum; without him touching My pussy; but, instead of Me fucking him in the conventional sense, I leaned down and placed a kiss on his forehead, grabbed My purse and made My way to the door.  He said, “WAIT!  I made you cum, now you have to fuck me!”  I turned around, smiled, and said, “Oh mate, I am, I’m fucking you over.” I left the bathroom and the club before he even came out of the Ladies Room.

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