FuckaliciousFreaks For Less

Do you suffer from LackOfGirlfrienditis?  Do you find yourself reaching out for a tit in the middle of night only to find you have grabbed onto a blow up doll who has lost her air? Or do you suffer from the dreaded BitchForAWifetitus? We here at the FuckaliciousFreaks Institute have spent years perfecting a way in which you can find relief from these bothersome symptoms!

Let one of our Professionals take you through the simple YET highly effective process to elevate; and for a few moments; eradicate the above mentioned ailments.  We here love your cock, we love that you like to stick your engorged dick deep within the darkened entry way of our anal cavity.  You do not even have to knock, just come right in fellas! We love having you slam your cock so far down our throat that you can feel the hot dog we had for lunch.  Still unsure if you should give one of our Highly Perved Out Professionals A Try? Read this testimony:

Caller: …… JELLY!!!

That’s right Gentlemen we phone fucked his brains out!  Now he just drools in the corner screaming JELLY, but oh what an orgasm it was!  A tsunami of cum washed over the room like a….well….tsunami!

Still not certain that we can help you with your problem?  Then, we have a discounted rate, for ALL callers! That’s right, for ALL callers!  You must be 21 years old to use our service, because you will become drunk on our pussy juice, and the legal drinking age is 21, sorry just out of High School boys, you will have to wait!  Here’s a tissue and some lotion to hold you over until you reach the age of 21. How do you take advantage of our special rate? You simply ask at the start of the billing process, it’s that easy.

The time is right, stop suffering needlessly!  Give one of our Professionals a call today! 

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