Roleplaying With Geneva

I am often asked what is my specialty.  I take great pride in the knowledge that my experience with role-play, fetishes, and fantasies are vast.  I am not bragging by any means.  I find bragging to be uncouth, and gaudy in nature, I do not partake in it.  However, if one excels at something there is no reason not to make it known in a dignified manner.

To answer the question I can only say this.  I am very cerebral in my talents.  There is an Art to what I do, one which I have the highest respect for. I go to great pains to be as detailed as I can possibly be.  I bring a sense of realism to all my phone sessions.  I incorporate all the senses, also those things that are tactile in nature.  The way things feel, the way things react, taking your fantasy and making it my own. 

Not only does this allow me to derive great pleasure, but it also makes it exponentially better for you.  I have an “A type personality”, which means that I never do anything half way.  I always give 100% to each and every experience.  I understand that I cannot be everything to everyone, but I would certainly love to be your everything if only for a few moments.  Tell me what you desire so I can create a world where you might never want to leave. One in which you can return to over and over again, after all I am but a phone call away.

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