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Female Bondage For Darwin Day

Female Bondage

“We stopped looking for monsters under our bed when we realized that they were inside us.” Mistress read aloud to the female bondage class. She was sharing some wisdom from Charles Darwin himself that we were bred to be submissive little whores just like our mothers, and their Mommies before them. We were raised to be fucked by our Daddies and our Uncles, by any of the men in our neighborhood who wanted to use us. Free property with slutty fuck holes dripping from cum was my permanent state of being.

Mistress came and yanked me by collar – I had fallen into my nasty fucking fantasies again. She slapped me hard across the face and told me to shut my little whore mouth. “You’re a slave, you should remember your place! It’s survival of the fittest if you want to be a true female bondage service whore. What were you daydreaming about, Slave Erin?” She snapped, slapping me again and making one hell of an example out of me. I was dragged by my hair to the center of the room and forced to kneel upon a big wooden chest – one similar to those brought back from Darwin‘s expedition. She snatched me by my chain, and I bared my tits to her.

Female Bondage“Everyone pay attention to the little pain slut who’s so eager to have a fantasy in class. Tell us what you were thinking about, fucking whore!” She screamed into my face and pinched my nipple. I cried out, not wanting to admit what it was I was thinking about. “I was thinking about being a little girl and the way I was used, Mistress!” I cried out, and she twisted my nipple and snapped at me. “What about that, little bitch?” “About those rape fantasies they acted out on my tiny little girl pussy! Getting a cum filled cunt ever day before I gave myself over into female bondage, Mistress!”

“Do you miss cock?” She asked cruelly as she began to restrain me in the center. “I do mistress!” I admitted, crying and sobbing. She laughed so mean, slapping me again and made one of the other slaves help her into her strap on. I was going to get my ass gaped out tonight, and I was going to learn to like it. Her strap on was fourteen inches long, and monster can thick. “I got a cock for you, little bitch.”

Female Bondage


Young Bald Pussy Spread For Mommy

Young Bald Pussy

“It’s okay baby, just spread your little legs and show your new Daddy that pretty princess pussy.” I coaxed from my little girl as she trembled in my lap. My fingers dug into those supple little thighs, forcing them apart and open so my client could see how young and fresh my daughter was. She was still in tact, and everyone loves to break in a virgin.

I always have and always will sell my young sluts for breeding. With the way their tiny bodies are so tight, so flat, I know a true Pervy PDaddy can’t resist the whimper they give when you first touch their slits. You can hire her to be your little submissive and breedable slut, the one you can’t seem to keep your cock out of! Your wife will get so jealous, you’ll have to put the bitch in her place.

It’s not your fault the new help is so hot and you’re so horny! I know you want to turn her little pussy hole into a cum pool, making it splatter out of her cunt and all over your balls every time you thrust that perverted cock up into her! “Spread your legs, don’t be scared.” I whispered into her ear one more time before Daddy would get an early demonstration..


Submissive Phone Sex

Subby Mommy Puppet, Erin

BDSM Phone Sex

I am the Subby Puppet who deserves beaten, abused, violated, and bred. I have such filthy fantasies regarding my own little brats, I know I deserve every second of Hell I’m forced to go through. I had the most intense internship with a BDSM company. I was tied, tortured, and fucked like a rag doll but most humiliating of all was being forced to use a face dildo to pleasure the woman who was interviewing me! At this point I had a giant ass plug jammed up inside my shit chute and there was a coke can thick vibrator buzzing away inside of my juicy birth canal. I was trying so hard to focus as I knew by the end of this I would have to give a speech as to why I should be the subby slut chosen. I couldn’t fuck the madame, compose, and not cum all at the same time! “Mmm that’s very good, but you only have five minutes more to make me come.” She said, and I began to panic. I had already been used and abused for four days, and now I knew I would have to throw the capability to fucking train my daughters to be submissive sluts as well if I had any chance of landing this position as a professional submissive breedable Mommy whore.


Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

Mommy’s Little Rape Fantasies

Mutual Masturbation Porn

Mommy has some really nasty rape fantasies that I’ve got plans to act out this weekend. My daughters are young, and young is fun when you’re the one fucking them! We can sneak right into her room in the middle of the night. I’ll make sure to give her some extra benadryl before bed so she stays nice and quiet for us. I’ll gag the little whore, and you can cut her clothes off with your switchblade. She’s going to open her little eyes and be so surprised! “This is your new daddy, baby.” I’m going to say, smiling down sadistically at this slutty little whore. She’s going to wiggle, but you’re big and strong and you can hold her down. I want her little sister to have to watch in horror as we force my little daughter’s legs apart, and shoving two fingers into her dry little shit chute. That throbbing cock of yours can handle the little whore hole, can’t it? Spit on it, and shove it inside. It doesn’t matter if she rips and tears while tears pour down her little face. I have wanted this for her since she was a tot. She’s a rape fantasy fuck toy, and she’s all yours for the taking.

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

Mommy’s Little Miracles Love Man Meat

Rough Sex Phone Sex

Mommy’s little miracles love man meat in their tight little fuck holes! Two petite pussies for that Pdaddy cock of yours to ravage, on display, bound and ready for your will. My youngest was being bounced around like a fuck dolly, and seeing those massive dicks plowing in and out of her slutty pussy so swiftly really turns me on! I brought my girls to watch me get face fucked in my black high heels while being shackled. They weren’t even cuffs! He grabbed me by my hair and forced his huge cock down my throat, and after he’d cum inside my maw several times over, only then did he turn to my tiny young daughters. It was their turn to get throat fucked.

Female Bondage With Two Young Vics

Female Bondage

Female bondage gets my mommy cunt wet as fuck, especially when it’s done on my two young girls. I have two young daughters who sit with me while I do my calls, and who love to come with me on adventures. I was never a prude girl, though my innocent look might dispute my inner and outer sluttiness! My main goal is to be used and bred by as many PDaddy cocks as possible, because I want to teach my daughters how to be the perfect little sluts. They have perfect bodies, nice young and tight, so there’s no reason to not include them in my college coed sex.

I know plenty of men, young and old, who would pay a pretty penny to slide their cock into something way below the belt if you know what I mean. Something little, and innocent to stretch open and make scream. They love to act like they don’t like it, like they don’t want it, but I think you and I both know they do. Every plead to stop is really them begging you to do it again and again! Breed these little sluts, tear them open. When they’re old enough to enroll in Cheerleading, I think they’ll be great for cheerleader phone sex right now actually! Grab some little costumes, and we can show them what a real rape fantasy is.
College Coed Sex

Phone Sex Forced On My Young Girls

Phone Sex

When submissive and breedable phone sex come together, they make me. Sick Mommy Erin has two young daughters who I love to play with. it’s about time for their first time, do you think you can help? “Mommy please don’t let him hurt me!” My oldest daughter was screaming. “Mommy it hurts! It’s too big!” But I didn’t listen. Mommy was laying back and masturbating her pussy, watching her little fuck dollies get used by big PDaddy cocks. “Mommy it’s too big! He’s scaring me!” Ceily was sobbing, but I wasn’t exactly rushing in to save her.

I laid back while a hot cock started jerking over my face. I thought about all my hot adult phone chat sessions where the men had wanted this so badly! “No! No! Mommy please!” She was begging, but her words fell on deaf ears as that cock started throat fucking me. My two young daughters were being passed around and used like dumb little bitches, and it was only making me wetter and wetter. I was getting so turned on, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to contain my juicy Mommy cunt. “Put your cock in her mouth and shut her up!” He screamed at his accomplice as their rape fantasies came to life.

And then, it happened. Every single one of my nasty age play phone sex fantasies came to life as I watched both of my daughters get turned into cum dump sluts, and I got cum all over my face.

Adult Phone Chat

Young Mommy Turns To Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat

Young Mommy Erin turns to adult phone chat to not only pay the bills, but to get pleasure out of it. You know damn well nothing makes me feel better than using and abusing my little girls in whatever fucked up fashion you desire. I started out as a college co-ed cum dumpster when I took up with one particular slutty sorority. Those bitches were out fucking every night of the week, but they went out of their way to make a little breeding brothel for their favorite fucks. Recruiting bitches like me and tying us up to breeding benches under the guise of hazing probably produced at least a hundred pregnancies a year. Two of those were mine, and I intend to raise my little sluts with those true family values.

Age Play Phone Sex For Dirty Daddy


Age Play Phone Sex

I have cum pouring out of my pussy. My wet fucking cunt is stuffed full of cum and coke, and my young daughters are going to clean all that coke dealer cum out of my slit. I make them kneel at my feet, and beg Mommy to spread her legs. Instead, I call my dirty pervy PDaddy friend and have him come over to fuck my littles.

My Ceily is the oldest and she loves the taste of cum that’s marinated inside my pussy. My youngest girl, Sia, is addicted to cock in her ass so when my big Daddy friend forced her to bend over, she was begging to get her ass fisted or stretched to fucking hell and back. I love it because I’m a dirty bitch Mommy, and finally when they’ve each been fucked like the little trafficked sluts.

I still love to get abused by a horny pervert, but watching my daughters get used is fucking hotter than I can stand. It makes my cunt run, just like it does when you abuse and degrade me. I need to put them through a facial abuse course, where men can just come by, and fucking their mouths and their throats.

Accomplice Phone Sex

Age Play Phone Sex – Dark Fantasies

Age Play Phone Sex

Mommy has some seriously dark fantasies involving the violation of her two young girls. My daughters are the perfect little fuck sluts who, just like Mommy, love a big nasty cum load. I want to see them as the stars of my gang rape fantasy fuck! That forced gang bang is what’s making my slit so slippery. To be able to actually watch my girls get hurt during a violent fuck is almost too much for me to think about without instantly squirting all over the place. It’s not just their creamy cunts, or their fear that fuels me but their tears make me want to use them as lube. It’s something sinister in me that makes me a wet Mommy whore over rape fantasies with my girls!