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Mommy’s Little Rape Fantasies

Mutual Masturbation Porn

Mommy has some really nasty rape fantasies that I’ve got plans to act out this weekend. My daughters are young, and young is fun when you’re the one fucking them! We can sneak right into her room in the middle of the night. I’ll make sure to give her some extra benadryl before bed so she stays nice and quiet for us. I’ll gag the little whore, and you can cut her clothes off with your switchblade. She’s going to open her little eyes and be so surprised! “This is your new daddy, baby.” I’m going to say, smiling down sadistically at this slutty little whore. She’s going to wiggle, but you’re big and strong and you can hold her down. I want her little sister to have to watch in horror as we force my little daughter’s legs apart, and shoving two fingers into her dry little shit chute. That throbbing cock of yours can handle the little whore hole, can’t it? Spit on it, and shove it inside. It doesn’t matter if she rips and tears while tears pour down her little face. I have wanted this for her since she was a tot. She’s a rape fantasy fuck toy, and she’s all yours for the taking.

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