My name is Erin. I am not like most other girls. I am a pain slut. It all started when I was young, I would get spanked for being in trouble and it would send shivers of excitement through me. It felt like a pleasurable electricity and would run through me and make my little cunny wet even back then. I always liked to be a good girl though, for those over me. So I started to torture myself. I’d hit myself with my school supplies. Rulers on my thighs, rubber bands snapping my wrists, sometimes even razor blades when I could get ahold of them. Most girls hurt because the pain takes them away from the now. I hurt because it makes me cum harder than anything else. I love the pain and how wet it makes my pussy. A new door opened for me when I learned I could be hurt and be a good girl at the same time. I want the paddles, floggers, dragon tails, belts, whips, anything you can think of. I want the marks. Spank my ass until it’s purple and run a wartenberg wheel over it, make me laugh or cum even as you make me bleed. Suspend me from the ceiling and beat me until my arms are numb and I can’t feel my fingers anymore. Use hooks, barbed wire, pull my hair. Just make sure you fuck me while you do it, because there is no greater torture in this world to leave my pussy wet and dripping as you torture me and not even give me permission to cum with you.

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