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Romantic Phone SexI kneel at your feet, eager to please. Your cock is out, and rock hard; ready for my hot warm mouth to swallow it. Every steamy throbbing inch of your prick sliding so softly down my throat, even just the thought, makes me so wet I am almost cumming.Whether you’re slamming that cock into my tight asshole, pounding my pussy into oblivion, or graciously allowing me to worship your magnificent cock with my slick tongue and soft lips, I am insatiably needy of it. My cunt is soaked at the prospect of pleasing you, Master. I crave every last drop of your cum, be it an assful, a cuntful, or a mouthful. I am a good girl, and I always swallow your juicy load. Please, come in and relax. You worked so hard, Master. Let your little kitten take care of your every need.

Tied For Tit Torture

Hardcore Phone SexSadistic fucks like you love to torture masochistic whores like me. That is why you have me strung up and suspended from the ceiling like a piece of meat. I’m bound and helpless against your forcibly invasive hands. You poke and prod and explore why slutty teen body. I couldn’t scream if I wanted to; the ball gag is secured so well. Before I know it, you’re using me as a human ashtray, putting your cigarettes out into my skin. I’m thrashing and fighting you. Fuck it hurts so badly! But my cunt is dripping, and you know my body is begging for more. You put tight nipple clamps on me, and whip me until my nipples are dripping blood all over the floor. That only turns you on more. I see you pull out your cock, and slam it right into my sopping cunny. I moan, and then shriek in the worst pain I’ve ever had as you press a red hot brand to my left tit, and then my right. The right one said “pain” and the left now says “slut”. “Because that’s what you are. And now you’re mine until I snuff you out.” You whisper into my ear, pumping my pussy full of your steamy cum. I hang from the ceiling, begging for you to do your worst.

Cocksucking Whore Gets Throat Fucked

Cocksucking Phone SexMy professor caught my playing with my pretty pink pussy in the middle of class. I was daydreaming about you when my hand just wandered into my sweet short-shorts. I sat in the back of the classroom, so I wasn’t afraid of being so wet. But, Professor must have smelled my sweet slutty pheromones. He came almost running right back to my seat, right when I was three flicks of my clit away from cumming. He asked to speak to me in the hallway, and I could see how hard his cock was through his khakis. In the hall, he pulled out his fat cock, and forced me to my knees. I let him throat fuck me until he blew his hot, steamy load down my throat. I swallowed every drop, just like a good girl would. When I turned around, I saw a line had formed! The male faculty stood in the hall, waiting for my sweet slutty lips around their cocks.

Pain Slut Needs Punished

Pain Slut Phone SexPain sluts like me live for only two things; to give Master pleasure, and receive sweet pain from His hand. Master often forces me to be intoxicated; I get extra slutty when I am. Then, he makes me parade my wet, bald pussy all around the club. Master lets me get used like the bitch I am. It’s so humiliating, and that makes my cunt drip even more. Master likes to watch me mutually masturbate with his friends; He loves to watching me touch my pretty clitty for him, and drive the other men crazy with the smell of my fertile cunt. I love consensual non-consent play, and Master knows this. He’ll force himself on me whenever he likes! At home, in the mall, at work, it doesn’t matter. I’m his property, and he can fuck me when he wants. I’m his slave, wholly and completely. Master, won’t you give your submissive slut a call, give her a spanking, and remind her who she belongs to? I miss the sting of your palm across my worthless face.

Suspended And Whipped

Pain Slut Phone SexMy ankles were bound to the balcony railing. I dangled, naked and bleeding; I stared at the eighteen stories below me. The crack of the whip echoed down the void, the searing pain of it striking my skin sizzled through me.
My cunt was wetter than a monsoon, my juices dripping up my body. I watched my cum roll like a river, mixing with sweat and blood. The whip came again, and again, and again, painting lattice work across my back.
I prayed for help, for an end. I prayed for anything but to fall. I was terrified of heights, but my body was compensating. The whip bit my nipple, and I screamed across empty air. I see you walk up, and I wonder what action you’ll take. Free me, and I’ll forever be your sweet sex slave. Whip me, if it pleases You Master. Let me fall if you’re finished playing with your precious pussy-cat, Master. I close my eyes, and wait.

Quadro Fucked On Campus

BDSM Phone SexMy fuck holes were aching, and begging for more. My initiation into this sorority was more intense than most of the things I’ve done. Bound and bent, I was attached to what the girls called the “QFM”, or Quadro fuck machine, and it was doing just that.
I was weeping with humiliation as the big bitch on campus drove us around, my holes being mercilessly pounded again and again. Every time I was close to cumming on these mechanical cocks, they’d slow to a torture worse than a whipping.
Other students, even other staff, filmed me as we rolled around. I was screaming for mercy through my ball gag while they laughed and took photos. I couldn’t take it, no sorority was worth this. But this was a ride there was no getting off of. I was stuck until these bitches were done destroying my cunt and my ass.
I was screaming as we hit hour seven of this. The girls, these demonic bitches, just laughed. They untied me finally, and I pissed all over myself. They kicked me, like the dog I was. For the next four years, it was very clear; I belonged to them.

Gangbanged And Drugged At The Bar

Rape Phone Sex FantasiesI had so many cocks invading my fuck holes. Last night, I got drugged and fucking used like the worthless whore I am. I started sipping some green apple whiskey at the bar around nine, dressing in eight inch pumps and the sluttiest little skirt I owned. Someone had dropped something in my drink; my head was spinning.
I was grabbed and bent over the bar before I hit the ground. My pussy was soaked, and all my holes were getting stuffed with cock. I was helpless, limp as a rag-doll, with a soaking wet cunt. They used me, until last call. I just kept taking cock after cock, load after load. I was dying for release, unable to cum from the pill but so horny it hurt worse than a whipping. The bar top was coated in cum and grool.
When I finally came to, I had a screaming headache. All I could smell was the cum they’d dumped in me. I smirked to myself, staring down at the bag of roofalin in my purse. I’d be dropping another whoring pill in my drink tonight.

Your Personal Fuck Slave

Slavery Phone SexMaster brought me here, as a present, to You. I’m Your new fuck toy. Does that please You? I know I sure am going to. Every day will start the same for us; I’ll wake You up by sucking Your cock. Bobbing my head up and down, licking and flicking my tongue over Your cock head, until You leave me with a mouthful of hot, gooey cum. You’ll find Your slippers ready, as well as Your robe. The shower is already running for You.
I’ll climb right in with You, to scrub and soap Your body, and then to hold still while You use me for Your own pleasure, like a slutty pocket pussy. After washing Your body, I towel-dry You, shave You, and serve You coffee and breakfast.
When You get home from work, I’ll be kneeling at the door, naked and soaking wet, to suck Your cock. You’ll skull fuck me, until Your day’s stress drains right down my cum-guzzling throat. After I serve You dinner, make You a drink, and rub Your feet, You allow me the pleasure of bouncing on Your cock while You watch the news.
I’ll wind and grind my tight, hot cunt all over Your cock, until You cum deep inside of me. Of course, I have to clean myself off of You, which means You get to shoot more cum, this time all over my pretty tits. How may I service You?

Master Destroys My Ass

Hardcore Ass FuckingMy asshole was so stretched out by his huge cock, I swore I’d never be able to use the bathroom correctly again. I let out a long, low moan as I came for the fifth time. I love anal, and he knew just how to use me. I was begging for more and more, even as I felt him tear my little ass.
My cunt was soaked. He pulled out of my ass, and slid himself directly into my wet little fuckhole. “You’re my bitch.” He grunted as he shoved himself into my less abused hole. “Yes, Master.” I moaned. “I can’t hear you, cunt.” He started to slam into me, fucking me so hard I was sure I was about to pass out.
“YES MASTER!” I was screaming. He was hoping the neighbors would call the police again. He got rock hard as I tried to explain my bruises and gashes. He slapped me hard across the face, and then even harder on each of my tits. I was crying, but my cunt was in control; she was soaked, and she wanted more.
He grabbed me by my face and yanked me so I was sitting up. Pulling out of my pussy, he stood suddenly and shoved his fucking cock right down my submissive little throat. He shot out long, hot ropes of cum, and I swallowed every single drop. He always came in my mouth, so I could taste how good it made him feel using his slave’s body.

Cumming Over Tea Kettles

Submissive Phone SexI know the wetness on my pants is visible. I see women stare in disgust and men stare in wonder. The men sniff the air, trying to catch the scent of my sweet, soaked pussy. I was a trembling mess as I tried to do my shopping. I needed new sheets, a tea kettle, some towels. I didn’t know what else; everything escaped me except for the certain torture the dildo offered my aching cunt.
The man from the parking lot was here as well, watching and waiting for me to eventually push myself over the edge. I’m not a quiet girl when I cum; everyone would know they my pussy was being rocked with pleasure. I was humiliated, my face worse than a blushing bride. That only made my cunny drip more and more.
I saw my demise. I had to bend or squat down to reach the tea kettle I had come for. If I did that, every pussy muscle would clench and contract around my slick toy, and I’d lose control. The man smirked at me as I was on the verge of tears. I needed to cum, and I needed to cum now. The whore that I was was absolutely eating up every second of this.
Right now, I had a hard choice, though not the hard choice I wanted. What I needed was a fat, hard cock pumping away inside of my fuckholes. I needed Master to have me, to use me, to remind me I was His toy. Not that I ever forgot, of course. My cunt was always sweet and slick for him. Each step brought me closer and closer to the edge. As I squatted down, the moan escaped my fuckdoll lips as I came, my body wracked with waves of pure pleasure. I squirted all over the Kitchen Appliance isle, the men nearby closing in to “help” me. I knew they were going to use me now; clean up on isle three.

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