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He Likes My Little Nieces

Impregnation Phone Sex

He said my daughters are too young for him, but my sweet nieces will do just fine to satisfy his sick fucking craving for leg of lamb. I picked them up from my sister, dressed them like whores, and dressed my little daughters too! They could cum along to today’s breeding session and learn a thing or two about getting fucked by a true man. My daughter’s were so frightened, but I corralled five young, hairless bodies up to his door. Upon entry, I made each girl perform a strip show for our big horny cock of the evening.

Then, he decided which whore he wanted to breed first. Much to my surprise, he chose my oldest daughter! After he slid a fat cream pie in her, he told me seeing her made up like a street walking skank was too much for him and he knew he needed to give her his seed. Then, he put a hot fucking black strap on onto my oldest niece, and had her bend me over and fuck me. They tied my arms above my head, and told me I had to watch while all of the other girls got throbbing cock and hot cream pies. All I’d get was used.
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We Filmed My Tiny Nieces

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

He called and told me my daughters were above the age limit and that he needed something younger and fresher to fucking destroy on film. Mikey always makes my pussy wet, and he always pays so well! He hired a bunch of Pdaddy thugs on chimo charges fresh out of Federal, and sent them to my house. I had to introduce my sister’s little lady and show off her most delicate parts. She cooed and smiled at them, and I saw those huge offender cocks jump. I held my sweet niece up and let them explore her! Auntie Erin made sure the little stayed calm, and I made sure to kiss her sweet before she had her last breath. Her throat just wasn’t big enough for both choking down a dick and gasping in a breath.

Breedable And Submissive Mommy

Breeding Phone Sex

I’m young with a fertile cunt, which means I’m prime time property for any Master because I’m pretty, breedable and submissive. I have two young daughters already who help me with my mess of slutty calls and in person fucks, but I’m never against getting a nasty, drippy cream pie shoved in me and made to be an incubator! I’d love to see my sweet, perky tits get big and swollen again all full of milk because I took a lot of Master’s hot cum. I know him and I know he’ll want to break in that breeding bench he bought last week. I’ll make sure I’m squeaky clean when he loads me up onto it so I can be sure the only dirty thing happening is him depositing hot cum shots into my tight, clam shell cunt.

Turning Tricks For Treats

Mommy Phone Sex
I wanted to teach my girls what it meant to be a proper little whore, so I’m going to dress them up like slutty little fuck dolls and take them out Trick Or Treating later! Only, they’re going to have to work for it if they want any treats! I told them men will only give them candy if they drop down to their knees and open wide. They know men only want to make them swallow their cocks. I’ve already taught them everything they need to know about how to get throat fucked! They’re going to be perfect little whores, and I bet they’re going to cum home with lots of candy! And more than that, I hope, they’re going to cum home with so many cum loads they’ll be dripping and coated!

Cocksitting Lessons For My Littles

Accomplice Phone Sex

My little ladies seem to need a cock sitting lesson or three! I don’t mean babysitting a cock, I mean stretching their tight little holes over a throbbing piece of man meat. I mean watching their little bodies tremble because of how afraid they are. I mean wiping the tears from their delicate little eyes as they beg me. “Mommy, please don’t let him hurt me.” They’ll whisper, eager to escape the violent molestations about to be bestowed upon their little bodies. But I won’t budge a muscle, unless it’s to further their sexual exploitation. I want those young bodies to be used like the little fuck dollies they’re supposed to be. I invited over some of the roughest men I happen to know, and I set them with their devious task; Deflower the little dollies. I dressed my girls in the cutest little go go shorts and bra’s to push up those flat chests. I let the men strip them down slowly, savoring the salt of their tears I licked from their cheeks. I made them spread their own ass cheeks so  could lick at them and get them all ready to be used. Training very young dollies is what makes me wild, and I love to get slutty for you babe.

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PDaddy At The Playground

Accomplice Phone Sex

I was watching him watch my daughters. He was stroking his cock in his car, parked right on the curb. I couldn’t see his dick itself, but the wild way he was whipping his arm told me he was furiously masturbating to unsavory thoughts of my young girls. With a sway in my hips, I walked over to his car and tapped on his window. Well holy fuck his cock was big! He tried to hide it, but I just gave him a slutty smile and gestured he should roll his window down. When he did, I just dropped a pair of my little daughter’s panties into his lap. They were dirty, and the smell of her little girl pussy wafted up to his nose. I saw his cock jerk. The PDaddy was totally into it.

“We’ll be back tomorrow, same time.” I smirked at him as I walked off, collecting my daughters and heading home to masturbate my own wet Mommy cunt. When I got home, I sent the girls to play doctor together in their room, and settled myself down on the couch. My fingers slipped over my bald pussy, and found a soaking wet swamp where my cunt should have been.

Hot Squirting Pussy

Young Subby Mommy

Accomplice Phone Sex

My oldest daughter, Sia, is a hot little number. She’s got a tight, hairless body that all the PDaddies love! My youngest girl, my Ceily, can suck a man off better than I ever could. If only I have started my own slut training when I started hers. I would have been a pro by the time I reached her age too! Both of them seem to be always horny considering their juices will soak through those tiny pink panties halfway through their day. My school girls keep getting sent home for being “inappropriate” with the male staff members, which just means the men finally got caught face fucking my young daughters. They’re always too ashamed too admit they like to bury their big PDaddy dicks inside bald, young bodies.

Two Little Girls

Submissive Phone Sex

I’m nothing more than a pathetic pain slut turned young Mommy. I have two very sweet and small girls who will gladly service You alongside me, Sir. My youngest has never even had a cock in her, so I was hoping You might have time to help me break the little Bambi in, Sir. I know her little mouth is eager for a good fucking and I know You can provide that for her, Sir. I will beg You to watch as You force Your cock deep inside to the back of her little, innocent throat. She is going to cry, Sir, because she’s going to be terrified of such a massive man meat. I want to see every rape fantasy You have ever had. It’s therapeutic to see You go primal on her, Sir. Therapeutic to see what was forced on me now forced onto my young little daughters. You are such a powerful man, Sir. Such a thick cock, such a firm will to violate these little tiny sluts so violently. You rip their pearly pink pussies damn near in two, and their cries of fear, their pleads for help, that’s what makes Mommy’s pussy so fucking wet.

Adult Phone Chat

Young Mommy: Breedable And Submissive

Cum Slut Phone Sex

I’m a young Mommy with two little ladies to help us along with our nasty night. I’m both submissive and breedable with a fertile fucking pussy. Since I’m currently Master-less, I’m open to breeding with the most aggressive cock I can find, My tiny teen slit drools at the thought of a big, throbbing cock forcing it’s way inside and fucking me rapidly. I want, no I need! someone to get horny enough to make me ooze cream for the next week. I want to get impregnated by a dominant cock so badly. I posted some ads online so that these thick dick macho men would come and find me, and sure enough within just a few hours I had my doorbell ringing as the cock show began. They paraded me and humiliated me in front of my daughters, and made me tell my girls just how worthless Mommy was and exactly how those big fucking cocks were going to put enough cummies in me to make sure that I got impregnated. I was going to grow another little slut inside of me, all from some magical domination cum. Then I got a heavy train on me, and my girls got a lesson in breeding and submission.

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Age Play Anal

BDSM Phone Sex
My sweet asshole is stretching out more and more with every push of your fist. It took hours to finally get my little fuck hole to open up to you, but we’ve done it and now I’m at my happiest. My tight teen body is tiny, and you made my young daughters watch as you used first just your fingers, but now your whole fist to stretch me my a rubber band. You tell my girls an important lesson. “Your submissive young Mommy is juss a fuck toy here for my pleasure. As you both will be when I decide your blooming little pocket pussies are ready for me.” My girls are smart and smiled real big with an angelic little “Yes Master!” before handing him the O ring that was going to keep my anal fuck hole gaped. He made my sweet girls come up and shove their little fists deep inside my shit chute. I was so stretched out they didn’t even tough the sides, but he made them rub the walls of my wet fudge factory just to watch me squirm. Then, he bent them over next to me and started lubing up their assholes so they could match with Mommy.

Age Play Phone Sex

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