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Lolita life isn’t something strange to me! I was snatched as such a young thing, it’s hard to imagine a life without being an object. I was Master’s favorite little loli. He loved my small, perky tits and my light, slim form. My hair was grown out on my head, but every inch of me was waxed twice a week. A perfectly bald pussy greeted Master every time he wanted to play with me. I was thrilled to be his little Lolita doll.

Master said when I was big enough he was going to turn me into a Mommy too, and then I could make bratty Lolita sluts of my own. The very thought used to terrify me but I remember the first night he bred me. My poor cunt nearly ripped open as he shoved that massive cock inside. I was helpless against his strength.

Now, I take what attentions I can get. I’m still young and subby, and not even near used up. My little fucking pleasure holes are still tight, and they’ll please Master and his friends to no end. He’s ordered me out for a month to see if he’s bred me alright, but I’m horny. Can I come over tonight?

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Beaten Like A Broadway Bitch

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It was cute, the way I was whimpering. Or so they told me. Another hardened and studded strap of leather kissed me across my face. I screamed, to no avail. This one was brutal, and I was going to take this beating. I’d made a grave mistake, after all. I deserved every single shred of pain I was being dished out. I deserved to be treated like a filthy fuck doll. I was just a submissive slut, some little play thing for their amusement.

All of my humanity had been stripped away. I’d been snatched up as a young teen, and sold to a man with a mean streak a mile wide and a cock the size of a coffee bean. Every day he set me with the impossible task of making his cock grow. It couldn’t; he was a shrimp dick little bastard. But, if I wanted to eat, I had to try to please him.

So I would spend countless hours trying to make his shriveled old prick work. Every time I failed, he would beat me well within an inch of my life. I didn’t think I’d survive that, but I did. Now, to be swept back into the underbelly of sex trafficking, my stomach is sick. There’s no hope for me now.
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There was a freezing fucking breeze brushing against my pussy. I laid, trembling on a rough flagstone floor in the pitch black. I was bound. I don’t know how I came to be here, but I knew they’d come for me again soon. Really, I just awoke here one day, and have been being used as a sex slave ever since. The ropes are rough as they dig into my wrists and ankles; I’m trying to squirm loose, but I’m weak – mere skin and bone. They’d had full control of everything for what must have been weeks.

MY pussy was raw. In fact, I was positive at some point my perineum had been shredded to bits and I was just all one big fuck hole. They didn’t seem to mind a gaping chasm, or that’s what it felt like every time they were done performing their rape fantasies on me. I trembled, freezing and afraid as I heard several sets of boots come to haul me from the cell. They ripped me from the ground, bent me over, and immediately I was fed a fat, hot cock. Grateful for the warmth and the promise of water, I opened wide.

I drank it up, no complaint in sight. They’ll abuse me today, and abandon me back in my cell tonight.

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Forced To Molest My Girl

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He held my young daughter down and stared deep into my eyes. “Open her legs.” He ordered. His accomplice held a gun to my oldest girl’s head. She trembled on his lap, hands clumsily stroking his throbbing cock as she cried. “Momma help me.” My littlest angel whined, but all I could do was pry her thighs apart while she sobbed. Hurt one to save another, what sort of a Mother am I?

To make it worse, my own cunt was slick and dripping from all the excitement. “Lick her.” He commanded. I obediently knelt down and lapped ar her tight, innocent cunt. Her teary cries turned to breathy moans as Mommy licked her little clit. “Make her cum!” He shouted. I didn’t know if she could, she was so scared. But I tried to save her sister’s life, getting her warmed up to be the little rape fantasy fuck toy of these brutal men.

I knew they were going to stretch her virgin pussy wider than it could, and that was going to hurt my sweet innocent angel. She started to quiver as I brought her closer and closer to squirting all over Mommy’s perverted face. I cried into her cunt as I licked her clit to climax. Nothing could save us now.

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I Sold My Daughter To A-

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I sold my slutty, young daughter to a tall man in a dark coat, and with a huge cock. He said from the first time he saw her young mouth, he knew he needed to bury himself balls deep down her tiny little throat. I tried to resist, but he forced us both in the back of the car. His men started to strip us both as he politely asked how much to make the check out for.

I was begging for them to let us go, but the more I struggled the wetter my cunt got. I could see my sweet angel was getting horny too, but then again those thugs were giving her a little mustache ride. She was screaming for me to please help her, but the number that thick cock fucker was offering just kept getting bigger and bigger, and so was his cock.

By the time they forced my daughter’s head over that drooling dick, he’d forced a check into my hand that assured my other littles and I would never have to want again. They acted out some violent and bruising rape fantasies on me before shoving me out of the car, naked and dripping cum. I landed in a back alley, and they drove off with my sweet princess choking on his man meat.
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Like A Fucking Pain Slut

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I had two needles in each nipple; masochistic cross hairs marking my doom. I was swollen all over. He’d been torturing my tits for hours, rotating between sliding needles in and out of my tender, sweet flesh, yanking on these piranha nipple clamps he’d drilled into me, or flogging my tits with supple leather an harsh metal beads. There was no forgiveness in this session.

I had been ignorant enough to utter a “Yes Sir” instead of a “Yes Master” and it had cost me this; the greatest pain torture session I’d ever endured. Yet. I say yet because Master always has something devious and awful hidden up his sleeve. Would you like to know what else he did to completely annihilate my will to do anything but serve him and his sadistic cock?

He made me
fuck a toilet brush for starters! That nasty, painful thing right up my sensitive little fuck hole. I screamed and begged for him to stop, but that only earned me more punishment. Blood was pouring from every incision point, and he even forced a needle through my tiny, sweet clit. This was more than I could handle, and yet he forced me. More and more. I obliged, a good pain whore.
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Gangbanged With Kelly

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Even from the back closet, I knew the rest of the laundromat could hear me and Kelly screaming for help. No one bothered to save us from the three huge, hungry cock monsters though. No knight in shining armor came to our rescue as our most violent rape fantasy nightmares came to life. This was violent molestation, a forced lesbian encounter with plenty of thick cock and loud mouth encouragement. These men were filming me and little Kelly in the tiny linen closet getting stuffed over and over with loads of cum.

Kelly had her mouth full of this hung like a horse cock, his hands wrapped around her little head as he began to face fuck her without warning. Kelly was gagging around his monster cock, but there was nothing she could do against the strong men holding her in place. I was getting fucking railed too, and they were demolishing my tight little cunt.

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People watched as the door flew open and they dragged us out into the main room. They forced Kelly to clean my cunt of all the cum that had been stuffed up inside! She was moaning into my pussy, I could feel it, as she got pounded like a hot little whore! Kelly is such a sweetie, and I’m trying for a new life so we couldn’t understand who was doing this to us!

I didn’t want to admit it but I was starting to love this as we both got thrown up on the washers and fucked until we couldn’t even breathe anymore. I was coated in cum an sweat and spit, and I know Kelly wasn’t fairing any better. I knew we were going to get bred like the little snow bunny sluts we were, and it made me so hot to know I was squirting for a show.

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Forced At The Bar

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His hands were wrapped tightly around my throat, and it was all my fault. My pussy was juicy all over his cock as he pounded into me. He reminded me I had chosen this when I chose to accept a free drink from him. Nothing is free, and I owed him my cunt. I was crying, but he didn’t care.

Witness Protection says I’m not allowed to drink anymore; I could get snatched if I’m not aware of my surroundings. When my new coworkers dragged me out to the bar for some “celebratory shots” I didn’t want to go, but I didn’t know how to say no. Jean helped dress me, and she picked out some slutty clothes. She said I needed a date.

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Maybe she was right, maybe I did need a date. I tried to loosen up and even smiled when you handed me the first drink. You force fed them to me, whispering quietly in my ear how you’d take care of me, and that is was safe for me to let go. It was anything but. You dragged me to the bathroom, and forced yourself inside of my helpless pussy. I was crying, but you smacked me hard across the face. “If you scream, I’ll kill you.” You smile down at me as you pried my jaws open and slid your cock inside.

It wasn’t long before you picked me up, and pinned me against the wall. My cunt was oozing honey now, eager to get filled. I didn’t want you to touch me, but I couldn’t speak. Fuck, I just wanted to go home. But I felt myself building; I was going to cum all over your cock, and I was going to hate it. I didn’t want to live the life of a submissive kitten anymore – my body didn’t give me a choice, and neither did you.

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Training My Young Daughter To

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I stared down at the photos of my young daughter in abject horror. She was naked, bald and tight, and covered in cum shots. In every photo, her eyes screamed “Please Mommy Help me!” I almost started to cry as my pussy got soaking wet. Thank fuck I was alone

The man I had been sending my sweet princess to for therapy had been using her the way her abusers had, it seemed. He’d been training my young daughter to be his well groomed little slave;  having her act out what her Daddy and those awful men had done to her, the way they’d used her tiny body – literally. I’d been wondering why my sweet girl had been so lost lately. She’d been getting double penetrated, stuffed, and fucked like the helpless little pussy cat doll she was.
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I looked at her in the hospital bed before me, checking to make sure there were no nurses. I started subtly fingering my cunt. I’d been so conditioned that abuse was love I didn’t know which was was up anymore, but I knew that even though it was sick I was terribly turned on from the entire scenario. Knowing they’d hurt my girl the way they’d hurt me made me want to scream and cum, hard. Fuck this psychological conditioning!

As I fingered myself to a peak, I heard the doctor knock at the door. Fuck, it had been so long since I’d cum. Did I risk getting caught and ride the waves of slutty ecstasy or should I hold off and hope to be able to start again later? Either way, I’d need to be beaten later, even if I whipped myself. Getting soaking wet to the sight of my sweet innocent darling’s abuse was demented. I’m a sick and twisted submissive slut.
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My Daddy Used To Fuck Me When I Was Only

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My Daddy used to fuck me when I was only a young honey with peach fuzz curling so silky over my pretty pussy. Daddy used to force my door open late at night after he’d been drinking, and then force my legs apart.

I would cry, and beg for him to stop. That didn’t matter to Daddy. He was dead set on slamming his massive cock into my innocent cunt and nothing I ever did ever made him stop. By the time Daddy was blowing a sticky load into his young daughter’s unwilling pussy, I was wet from the sheer process of getting force fucked by my Daddy.

Even though he snuck into my room all the time, it was always as shocking to me as it had been the very first time. Sometimes, Daddy wanted to use my throat as his cum dumpster but other times he preferred me to be his anal cock sleeve.

Now that I’m all grown up, I can’t help but masturbate and rub my pathetic submissive PMommy pussy while thinking about the way Daddy’s massive incest fuck felt when he forced every fucking inch of himself into my fuck holes. I get soaked, and then I want to play.

Either I force my young offspring to devour my pussy and lick up all the juices, or the four legged son I keep around will help me clean my mess.
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