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anal phone sexYou don’t even have to ask, just lube that thick fucking cock up and slide it directly into my tight little asshole. I want you to turn me in to the dirtiest anal cum dumpster that has ever been thought of. How many loads do you want me to take? Three? Thirteen? How about thirty? I can get stretched and used that much all in one day, as long as I get my nose candy fix. Coke myself out a little bit, and take the pounding that I deserve in my once tight Chocolate Starfish. There’s just something about getting my little ass stretched out that turns me on so much. It hurts so fucking good, but it sure is shit makes my pussy dripping fucking wet. Sometimes my nipples leak too, and I swear to God these anal fuckers love that more than anything else. Except for when I squirt while they’re banging me in the booty. Yeah I can cum from taking loads in my ass just like the perfect submissive whore. That’s why none of these bitches can compete with me. I can give all these fucking John’s something that they can’t, and that is the ability to be the perfect anal cum Pocket Pussy, where they can deposit and drop all of that delicious baby gravy.

Stranger Danger! Fucked At Work!

Cum Slut Phone SexI’ve been working at the local bowling alley lately, and their uniforms are just absolutely slutty! It’s this tiny little crop top with these tight little shorts, thigh high stockings with a garter, and heels? Who the fuck bowls in heels?! I was bending over, checking the return machine for the balls when this rough fucking hand grabbing a handful of my pretty ass.
“ Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” he growled into my ear. Something in his voice started making me so fucking wet! There were other people there in the bowling alley. In fact, I was making direct eye contact with my boss as this stranger pulled my shorts aside and slid his thick fucking cock right into my tight teen little pussy! I tried to be quiet, I tried to resist, but the way that big fucking python was stroking in and out of my dripping wet cunt was driving me crazy!
I started moaning like such a little whore, bracing myself on the machine, and trying desperately to look away from my bosses gaze. My boss was sitting behind the desk jacking off his big black cock while watching me get pounded by a stranger.
I started wondering if my boss hadn’t set this up just to see me get fucked!. That turned me on even more. It honestly wasn’t too long before I was cumming all over his cock, and he was filling me up with his big fucking hot load of cum. I watched my manager cum to, all the way from across the bowling alley. He called me into his office later to discuss my disciplinary action, and that’s a story I’ve got to tell.

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Use And Abuse Submissive Sluts

Adult Phone Chat

It takes more than just some hot adult phone chat to make my pretty submissive pussy wet. I crave that hardcore, kinky shit that would make your Baptist grandma have a stroke. I want to be pinned to the walls by my wrists alone. I need to be played with like the little toy I am.
I crave pain; burns, brands, cuts, whippings, beatings, electrocution; you name it, I need it. The bloodier the better. I get off to those day after bruises, so make them good. It’s a whole other world, being completely at the mercy of someone who is more powerful and more capable than you are.
My body is ready, my body is his.

He can burn me alive if it pleased him; I’d still drip to the sound of my own screams. Come and cut me up, slice my sweet skin until I lose all sense of time. All that will matter is the kiss of your blade, and the river of tears I shed. Of course I expect to get whipped for crying, which only turns my fuck hole into more and more of a wet land. If you need something to use and abuse, consider this submissive slut who is eager to please.

Phone Sex

Gangbang Stories During Adult Phone Chat


Adult phone Chat
When I tell you gang bang stories during our adult phone chat, they’re all either completely true, or at least based on true events. I know, you look at me and wonder how such a sweet, innocent face could even possibly be a masochistic pain slut, but I am. I’m only nineteen, but I’ve taken more cock in my sweet, tight teen fuck holes than you could possibly imagine.
My last gang bang was at a Frat party on campus. I got dressed up a little sluttier than normal, because I liked one of the fraternity guys and I wanted him to notice me. Both him and his big fat cock noticed me; he pitched a massive tent, and eye fucked me for several hours before offering me a party pill, and coaxing me upstairs.
I went with him, excited to have his attention. I was going to show him what a hardcore slut I could be. The room we entered wasn’t a bedroom, though. In it was one piece of furniture; an antique breeding bench. He wrapped a strong hand in my long hair, and cut away my clothes. I was shaking from what I thought was fear, but the way my pussy was getting so wet told me it was anticipation of what incredible fucking was next.
He bent me over and bound me to the breeding bench before leading the entire attendance of the Frat party in to see me, three by three. The boys took their shot at busting a load in my tight, wet teen cunt while the girls snickered and posted videos all over social media. I took forty three cocks, thirty in my dripping pussy, ten in my mouth, and three in my sweet little fucking asshole. And then I lost count. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get out.

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Roleplay Phone Sex Pain Slut

Roleplay Phone Sex
I was grinding up and down the pole, showing off my tight little ass at my nice perky tits when we made eye contact. There was something different about him, something that commanded my attention. He approached stage right in the middle of my set, and coaxed me down into his lap with a couple hundreds. He immediately started to grab up on me, which is usually a no-no for the patrons. I looked over at security but they didn’t move. Was this the mysterious VIP that we’ve been waiting on?

He pinched one of my rosy nipples, causing me to moan quietly. His eyes lit up as he heard me over the music, and pulled me down tighter into his lap. He took off my panties,and slid his monster cock out of his pants. It seemed like he had a different pole he wanted me to slide down. There was something about the way he touched me, the way he stared so deep inside me I know I would feel him for the rest of my life, that made me do it. I swirled my hips, letting my pussy dance over his cock.

He was throbbing, and I could tell that it wouldn’t take long for him to blow a load inside of me. I was so fucking exciting, getting my sweet princess pussy stretched out by this stranger, all in the middle of my shift? Fucking hot. The Stranger leaned forward, and bit hard Into the sweet spot on my neck. I moaned again as my set ended, but I didn’t move from his lap. How could I? Just walk off from him pumping away deep inside of me?

I was bouncing up and down on it like some common whore. When he slapped me across my face as I started to cum, I knew I was going to be addicted. When he asked me to go home with him, there was no way I could say no.

Wet Bald Pussy

BDSM Phone Sex Whore In Chastity

BDSM Phone SexYou might not believe me, but it’s been two years since this BDSM phone sex bitch has last cum. Master put me in this chastity belt, and hasn’t let me out! Only to wash and groom myself, like the sweet little submissive slut I am. I would do anything to cum. All I can think about is cumming.
This constant insane state of being so fucking horny, of me literally pouring a river every day from my deprived cunt; so intense that my stockings get soaked down to my ankles. But when I get mouthy, it’s worse.
Master puts me in the stocks, and takes off my chastity belt. And then he toys with my perfect little pussy for hours. He torments me, edging me again and again making it even worse than I ever thought it could ever be. He likes to make me sip water and drink, so that I can “stay hydrated” while he plays with me.
He forces me to drink, and drink. Until I have to pee so bad that if I move an inch, I will piss myself. Then Master comes and presses on my bladder, while rubbing his thumb along my clit. He tells me I can choose; piss, or cum? I know that if I cum, I’ll have an accident all over, and will just earn myself more time in the belt! So I choose to pee.
I’m going to be in this hellish cage for another month until I act up again, just so maybe he will accidentally make me squirt all over. I swear I’m going insane. I would honestly do absolutely anything just for the chance to cum. I promise, I’ll be a good girl.

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Submissive Phone Sex Slut Forced To Exercise

Submissive Phone SexMaster was royally pissed off at his submissive phone sex slut. “You dumb cunt.” He slapped me hard across my face. I smiled and thanked him. Master had put my whorish ass on a work out plan and diet, since quarantine had plumped up more than just my pussy. I’d been doing it for months, but much to his displeasure I still didn’t have a fat bitchy ass.
Master knew the perfect punishment. He took me to the club that night, and made all the men line up outside a private room. Inside, I was forced to bounce, grind, and ride every single man who entered. My thighs burned terribly by the time my soft, tight little pussy had milked a load out of my third john that night.
It was well after dawn when I finished the line. I was crying, a sweaty and cummy mess. Master took me home, and bathed me so sweetly before tucking me in to sleep. “Don’t worry, my sweet submissive slut. Master is going to help his slut get an ass. You’ll be whoring down at the club for the next two months until your ass comes in.” He kissed me goodnight as I started crying, barely able to move.

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Adult Phone Chat Submissive Whore Style

Adult Phone ChatGrowing up a sweet little Christian girl, I never imagined I’d be doing adult phone chat just so I could make enough money. But it is so rewarding, and it makes my pussy so hot! THe past eight months, I just knew I wasn’t going to make enough for the rent since I lost my job due to the virus. I signed up to start doing cunt soaking shifts on the phone sex site, and I’ve been making so much money, and cumming so so much! It makes my little cunt so wet.

You see, I’m a submissive whore. I’m what you like to call a masochist; a true pain slut. And these men call me up and abuse the shit out of me in a way that makes me squirt all over my bed. My favorite caller always makes me whore myself out at a BDSM sex club. He lets the men in there do whatever they want with me, and a lot of times it’s some pretty fucked up stuff.

Don’t believe me? Read the rest of my blogs. I honestly love it. This is my fetish now, and this is how I get off. Letting men abuse me over the phone while I rub my pathetic princess parts and pray they let me come. I love kinky phone sex.

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Pain Slut Erin Masturbates To Sick Fantasies

Fetish Phone SexI have sick fantasies that get me off, just like you do. In my darkest most masochistic fantasies, I’m walking down the street alone without any weapons. It’s night time, and it’s very dark; I can’t see very much. A black and looming windowless van pulls up along side me, and offers me a ride. When I say no, I get forced into the van, and hands gloved in latex grab me and bend me over. I know damn well they want to force their way into my fuck holes and violate me endlessly. Fuck the very thought gets me so wet my pretty pink panties are soaked! They flog me and violate me and have their fucking was with my sexy little fuck whore body! I love non consent scenes. I mean that. if you see me on the street, in the store, pumping gas, just grab me and drive away. Use me for your sick, carnal pleasure and then leave me in a puddle of your juices on some street corner, broken and destroyed.

Anal Phone Sex and Mummified Cocks

Anal Phone Sex“What’s the strangest object you’ve ever shoved in your ass during anal phone sex?” He asked me as he landed another blow with the flogger. I let out a cry, but started wracking my brain for the answer. There was, of course, things like cucumbers and broom handles, and even toothbrushes. Nah. I’ve had furry friend cocks up my tight fuck hole, a variety of them, but I knew these things weren’t the answer Master wanted.

He had me dressed up in my checkerboard body suit, my anal hook in and I was all bound up.

There was the time I anally fucked the stick shift in Master’s vehicle, or the toilet handle in a fast food bathroom. He hit me on each nipple, and my sweet dripping cunt got two lashes. I cried out in pain and pleasure, the mixture of the two turning me into some type of animal. I needed to focus; the strangest insertable item during anal phone sex? “Maybe that dildo carved out of chhurpi?” I whined as he slapped me across the face. Master gripped my pathetic young face in one hand, and pulled me close until he could bite my lower lip. I cried out; he pulled away and blood trickled down my chin. I licked at it eagerly.

Then, he held up a box. “This box is worth £100,000. Inside it is the strangest, albeit most expensive, thing to ever go in your ass, whore. This is a seven inch long mummified penis that was once attached to some English gentleman who became aroused during his hanging circa the eighteenth century.” Master was right; nothing would ever surpass this preserved biological dildo. He bent me over his knee, and lubed up my tight little rosebud before forcing this mummified prick deep into my submissive little ass hole!

Master fucked me with it for hours while I worked my shift on the phone sex lines. He was pressing small vibrators to my poor sweet clitty so that I would cum with this fucking foreign thing drilling me during my anal phone sex sessions. I’ll tell you what, everyone knew I wasn’t faking it, and I made so much money that night! No one believed me when I told them it was a mummified seven inch cock ramming me, though.

The only thing they believed is that I was an anal sex whore who does anything Master says. That there is the entire fucking truth.

Anal Phone Sex

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