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Phone Sex for Master

Phone SexMy boss still hadn’t let me go. I found myself always locked or tied to something. My boss was taking so much pleasure in making me miserable and he liked to see that fear in my eyes as he fucked me. Hear me beg him to stop. I’m not sure how much time had passed as there were no windows, nothing to pass the time, so it all just blurred together into mind numbing nothingness. I was sleeping the next time he came back. “Slut. Wake up.” I started, trying to move away as much as the rope would let me. I was cold, hungry, in pain, and dirty. “People are starting to wonder about you.” He said calmly. Sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at a cell phone. It was an old flip phone. “I’m going to call your boyfriend and I want you to tell him you ran away. That you’re with a new man now. They need to stop looking.” he said as he leaned over me. I saw the massive throbbing erection poking out of his pants. “If you don’t do exactly as I say you’re going to regret it.” he said positioning himself between my thighs. The head of his cock teasing my dry cunt. The only wetness from his cum from the last time he fucked me. “Understand.” I nodded, swallowing with nerves and he put the phone up to my ear. Where I heard you pick up. “Hello?” you ask just as he shoves his cock into my try cunt making me cry out. “Erin!?” I hear you call. “Y-yeah… It’s me.” I whimper as her fucks me slow and hard, “Oh god Erin. Where are you? Are you okay?” I gasp as he hilts in my pussy and nod forgetting that you can’t hear me. He pinches my nipple making me cry out again. “I’m good… “ I pant. “I… I’ve move… fuck. I’ve… Moved on.” his thumb goes to circle my clit, making the rape fantasy turn more and more pleasurable. Making the pained cries turn more into moans and happy gasps. “I… Don’t look… nng… Don’t look for me.” I whimper. His cock going faster as he starts to pant with the pleasure of what he’s forcing me to do. “What… What?” you ask sounding hurt. Able to tell what I’m doing. “I…  I…” I stammered, so close to orgasm with this dick forcing itself in and out of me and that skilled thumb edging me to orgasm. I couldn’t help it. I came all over the man who kidnapped me. Feeling my heart break as I heard you cry out from your own broken heart before hanging up. Him filling my cunt with cum as he laughed. Leaning over me to kiss my cheek, neck, lips. “What a good slut.” he purred, praising me even as he licked and kissed my tears up off of my face. His cock still in my twitching pussy. I was lost…

Slave Training Phone Sex Unwilling Slave

Slave Training Phone SexI don’t know what about me says victim. But, here I was what was supposed to be my boss’ birthday party and there was no one here. Just me and him. I was tied to a chair. Gagged and very much stuck and unable to move or call out for help. I didn’t know what he wanted to do me. I couldn’t think it was sex because my knees were tied together but as he came out naked. His cock hard a knife in one hand and a bag in the others I began to worry about my safety for real. “Hello Erin. You know I’ve wanted to make you into a present for a long time.” he said as if trying to make a deal with me. I squirmed, trying to scoot the chair from him. My eyes wide as my muffled complaints fell on deaf ears. “I’m not sure yet if I should keep you or if I should just kill you.” he said, his knife moving to press the point against my neck. I whimpered and looked up at him with watery eyes. He tsked at me shaking his head. “You know I can’t let you go home.” he said matter of factually. “If I keep you I can never let you go.” he said, squatting in front of me. The knife tip teasing up my thighs. Catching on my stockings. Ripping the thin material and causing the point to poke and scratch my skin. “You’re so beautiful.” he said to himself, his cock throbbing at the sight of my blood on my thigh and he pushed himself up. Reaching behind me tilting the chair back and dragging me backwards across the floor. I could see the living room pass me and then the kitchen. I heard a door open and then I was jolted as my chair was dragged backwards down the stairs making me glad of the gag so my teeth didn’t jolt together as each step made my entire body jolt all the way to the bone. Being dragged around the corner and turned around I felt my blood turn to ice. There was a torture chamber. Tiled walls, drains in the floor, a table in the middle that has stirrups for arms and legs. Tables of tools of all kinds and in the back a cage. “I think I’ll keep you” he said with a chuckle. His hand on my shoulder giving me an affectionate squeeze. “I can’t wait to see how much you can handle.”

Pain Slut Phone Sex Booby Trapped

Pain Slut Phone SexMaster promised me that today was going to be painful. My pussy was soaking wet in anticipation. I loved pain, the endorphins from it just pushed me to a harder and harder orgasm and I spent all day fantasizing about just what my master would do to hurt me today. He took me into the dungeon stripping me naked he saw how wet I was already and laughed, smacking me hard on the clit making me cry out and my knees feel weak. “My slave is a fucking slut isn’t she? Now let’s see how this pain will help.” I shivered and replied with a “Yes Master” as he stood up, tied my hands behind my back. Binding them together with bondage tape to make sure they were extra secure he walked back around to my front, attaching these large fishing hooks to wire I had not noticed hanging from the ceiling. You tied each fishing hook to a wire and then take one breast lifting it up as if it was meat. I started to have an inclination of what you wanted to do. “Stand on your toes slave.” you commanded and I listened, wincing as you took the hook and threaded it through the side of my breast, the hook holding the flesh up as your hands had. You did the same thing with the other breasts making me whimper at the sharp and intense pain that radiated through the hooks as they supported the weight of my tits. I thought that was it, stand on my tip toes or the hooks would rip and pull at my breasts making them hurt more while this pain was on the threshold of what I already found sexy. You laughed as you noticed my pussy juices running down my legs. Coming up behind me you ran a paddle along my pussy lips making me gasp and shiver, lowering my heels to try to push myself into the side of the wood until those hooks tugged at my tits. I gasped, whimpering from pain and went back to my tip toes. “Good girl” you said, using the edge of the paddle to hit my pussy again before you let it slowly drag out, the hard wood rubbing against my clit making me moan. Coming around to my front I could see a cigar hanging out from the side of your mouth, the ash already impressive on the end. My pussy juices have covered the paddle making me blush and I wondered what you were going to do next. Then you took that cigar and pressed it against my tit, rubbing that hot ash and cinder into the already over sensitive flesh as you moved the paddle over my clit. Rubbing hard and fast with the wood. Forcing an orgasm out of me before hitting me in the clit hard enough to pull me out of that mind numbing pleasure. “I’m not done with you yet slut. We haven’t even gotten to the best part.”

Scat Phone Sex: Bad Sushi and Master

Scat Phone SexI had the worst food poisoning. Master and I went to eat sushi and all day I’ve been throwing up and shitting all at the same time and my stomach hurt so bad. Master was used to gett off multiple times by this point in the day and his balls were already turning blue. It’s the only reason I could think of for him to come into the bathroom that stank of vomit and diarrhea to stare at me as he stroked his cock. “On your knees slave. Turn around.” I stared at him as if he was crazy, the first time in years I didn’t jump at his command but I already could feel the stomach cramping rumble of more liquid shit about to forcibly exercise itself from my bowels. “On your needs slave. Or I will make you.” I knew he was serious then, I did the best to pinch my sphincter but could tell by the burning heat that it was still leaking from my ass. I turned with my back towards him like instructed, on my knees. Feeling even more queasy looking at that brown water with small pieces floating in it. I was going to puke… I could feel it in my throat. As I bent over the bowl to throw up the next load of bad fish I could feel water splatter backup and hit my face. Master had apparently gotten to his knees too as I was surprised to feel his hard cock head probing my sore and burning asshole. Trying to use my shit as lube as he pushed harder against my clenched muscles. I felt my face burn as I tried to relax, feeling the liquid push out and over his cock head. Trickling down my knees as he shoved his cock hard inside of me. I screamed, the muscles twitching around his cock as they were forcibly shoved open. The liquid shit churning inside my gut as he fucked me, his hand in my hair forcing my head to stay in that toilet filled with shit and vomit. The rocking back and forth making me throw up and dry heave covering my face in shitty splatters until there wasn’t anything left for now. It only took him minutes to cum thankfully. I was ready to go back to being alone and miserable. He however had other ideas and pulling me up by the hair he yanked me around. Smearing my face with his shit covered cock making sure I was covered in it before he shoved his still hard cock down my throat making me gag around him and heave. He ignored me though as he fucked my throat.

Spanking Phone Sex Clumsy Sub

Spanking Phone SexMaster and I went to go play a LARP game. Many of us were dressed in old-style twenties and thirties and victorian-era clothing. I personally was dressed in a as a 1800’s era maid. So I was serving people food and getting drinks for everyone one of the women tripped me and forced me to drop the tray as I fell getting many of the other Mistresses and Masters wet. I was mortified but I knew that they did it on purpose to get me punished. So there wasn’t anything I could do to redeem myself. My master told me that my punishment would have to be given by the two girls that got the wettest from the spilled drinks. They all as a collective came into the kitchen to watch my spankings. The two women stood next to me with a smug smile before they lifted up my long modest skirt and rub my bare ass with their hands they didn’t give me much of a warm up though. pulling their hand back and giving a quick sharp smack across my ass I couldn’t help but gasp and cry out in pain not expecting the the hard smack. They didn’t give me much time for recovering from the first smack before they pulled back and hit me again I cried out again my back arching as I pulled my ass and why unable to deal with the pain that they are giving me. I could see the entertainment in all of the other Masters and Mistresses eyes as they laughed at my discomfort but the two women were relentless. Pulling back smacking my ass, my thighs, making me gasp and cry and pull back. I swear by the time they were done my ass was bleeding and it just burned and hurt so bad. I knew that Master would want to fuck me next in my ass and that when he did he would be hard and make sure that I would cry. Just from the harsh rough fucking and my burning and bruised ass.

Female domination porn My Ash Tray

Female domination pornMaster has finally returned home and him and I decided to host a cigar night. In one of the few events where I loved to be the dominant. So as we found a comfortable lounge, invited our friends and sat down to socialize I lit my favorite cigar. A very mild cigarillo named Davidoff Exquisitos. That creamy and flavorful smoke teasing over my tongue. My ashtray today was a sub named Zack, he was kneeling by me breathing in my second hand smoke as if it was gold. I blew a mouthful of the smoke into his face and I could see his cock throb in his latex shorts. I giggled. “Naughty boy…” he just licked his lips trying not to look as excited as I knew he felt. I reached over tapping my ashes into his open and waiting mouth. His eyes nearly rolled back into his head, mouth closing as he enjoyed the ashes on his tongue. Swallowing them before opening his mouth again, ready for another taste. I enjoyed my cigarillo taking my time taking deep drags and letting that smoke roll over my tongue. Blowing the smoke into Zack’s face making him get closer and closer to his own personal subspace. When I finally was to the end of my cigarillo I tapped the last of the ashes onto his tongue and took the butt, putting it out on his tongue. He shuddered, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as his cock throbbed in his latex shorts. He closed his lips around the ashes and butt chewing the last little bit that was left and swallowing the entire thing. He signed in pleasure then looked back up at me. “Again Miss?”

BDSM Phone Sex: Old Dog New Tricks

BDSM Phone SexMy Master’s nephew has been gaining a lot of knowledge. He’s discovered a passion for hurting the willing that he never thought he’d have or realized was buried inside of him. With my help and the assistance of the internet he’s becoming a real pro. Today he had me tied up, my hands above my head and wearing just enough to be very sexy. I knew I should be worried when I see that evil grin but his inexperience with my cockiness didn’t let me think he might give me a real punishment. So when he pulled out the hitachi. Covered the head with lube, turned it on the low filling the air with the hum of the toy. “Don’t cum without permission.” he said, setting my heart rate flying as he tucked the handle of the hitachi into the rope loop on my thigh, forcing that head against my clit. I felt my knees go out from underneath me. My entire weight now on my arms and chest harness as I came. And I came hard, I couldn’t help it. The hitachi did it to me every time. As my body shook with the orgasm I heard and felt the loud crack of the dragon tail flicking against my ass. Making me jerk and cry out. The sharp shooting pain of the pointed leather strap sent fire through me. Adding to my orgasm in a way that was ludicrous as the hitachi just was almost like fire. There was way too much sensation way to quickly and it was such an exquisite torture that I had to say, later, in hindsight. I am very proud of him. He took an old horse and reminded her that she isn’t always in control in her submission.

Just a little Warm Up

Spanking Phone SexMaster was going out of town and didn’t invite me along, which would upset many subs but my Master has been so odd lately that I wasn’t sure if I was grateful or not. Master had been getting so odd lately that I think being given to a new Master to practice his dominance on would be a nice vacation. That’s what Master was doing. I was going to stay with his nephew and let him use me to learn what it takes to be a Dom. Some of the basics, and how to ensure he doesn’t hurt his own girl when he finally finds his own submissive. So with excitement I go to the door of my Master’s nephew, enjoying the sight of the much younger man and wonder just what we’re going to do over the next few weeks. He is so nervous that he’s sweating and it’s adorable. “Hello Sir, I can’t wait to teach you everything I know.” I take his hand then, him blushing brightly as I lead him into the bedroom. “We’ll start with the basics.” I smiled at him, rushing along more out of my own horniness and grasp of temporary command more than his desires. I stripped, watching his breathing get faster. His pants get tighter as he looked over my pale tight body. I bent over, reaching behind me as I looked over my shoulder at my young Master. He was starting to strip and I couldn’t help but giggle which made him pause. I run my hand over my white ass and tell him. “This is the area you want to hit, keeping it to the flesh soft part at first will help you gain confidence until we can move to more… sensitive areas.” I could tell he was excited by the idea as his hand came down with a hard and sharp SMACK! Which made me gasp, he paused as if nervous but when I wiggled my ass he did it again, and then again, leaving me feeling all warm and tingly. When I felt his cock press against my pussy I was a happy girl and I moaned as I felt him sink into me. Fucking me hard and fast, making those sharp stinging tingles mix with the pleasure from his cock and having me cum all over him in no time. Pushing him over the edge to fill me with cum too. He had a lot to learn but I think he’ll enjoy his lessons very much.

Snuff Phone Sex It’s not my fault…

Snuff Phone SexI don’t know why this happened to me. I was such a good girl and I guess I just fell in with the wrong man. Before I knew it we were traveling across the states and murdering these poor girls for his pleasure and… Well, after we were arrested we were both sentenced to death. I mean, I never wanted to do it but I understand that I deserve the punishment. So, with our expedited systems I waited in my cell for that faithful day to come knowing that it would not only be a surprise but it would come quickly. It didn’t make listening to those heavy boots of the guards as they walked down the halls every day, didn’t take away the sweats and shivers of nerves as they stopped in front of my cell finally. “It’s time.” I felt my breath catch, and stood up to look at them. I wanted to cry but I refused to go to my death without dignity. They looked at me as if I wasn’t even human as they commanded me. “Strip.” and I did, I unzipped the orange jumpsuit and stepped out of the material so I was nude before them. They took me out and put my wrists and ankles into manacles and took me to the place of execution. It was an arena style forum, a crowd of people surrounding me in a circle. Looking at me with sad, excited, lustful, angry eyes. I felt myself flush, I wanted to look away from all those people judging me but a man I hadn’t noticed had come up. Grabbed my hair and forced me to meet their eyes. Dragged me by the hair to an apparatus he had set up and tied my hair to it, unmanacled my wrists and ankles only to strap them to the device keeping me standing, staring, and my body open. He walked away, his steps moving behind me before I felt a sharp crack against my back. I think it was a flogger but not having seen it, it was hard to tell. He hit me again, and again, making me cry out in pain each time. My pussy betraying me as the pain slut I am and getting more and more wet with each lash across my ass and back. He came around to the front, hitting me with the flogger over my tits and stomach. Making them a rosy red and making me jerk and whimper. He make me look him in the eye “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” I felt my face flush as I nodded, he grinned in a sadistic way letting me know he was too even as he shoved that flogger handle up my wet pussy. “Keep it there.” he commanded and I clinched those kegel muscles, already feeling the heavy leather slipping. He walked around with a cane, tapping it against those warmed up muscles making me gasp and almost lose the flogger. He saved that first hard whip for across my nipples making me scream and flinch. The bright red welt forming almost instantly as they burned, the flogger was slipping and I whimpered as I tried to keep it inside of me. He did the next on against my ass, 3 quick whips making my back arch to move my ass away and finishing the flogger. I felt it slide from my pussy to the floor and he tutted me. “Bad slut!” with another whip to my ass, I could feel a tickle along the sensitive skin and knew that last one had drawn blood. He let my hair loose and began to undo my wrists and ankles. “Do you have any last words slut?” I gulped, sniffing, feeling my hands shaking as I fought back tears. “O… Only that they can forgive me.” he looked at me disgusted for that and shoved, almost throwing me, onto the table to which I could only assume was my execution. I found myself laying on my back, a thin wire collar around my neck connecting my head to the table. Then ones to my wrists and ankles again, he hummed as he worked, positioning a Hitachi against my pussy. “This will tighten your collar as you orgasm and move, it can’t be loosened and eventually you’ll strangle yourself to death.” I looked at him with surprised eyes and he just grinned at me as he turned the hitachi on high and watched as I was overcome by the pleasure.

Bondage Phone Sex Being the Tree

Bondage Phone SexI was the Christmas tree… Seriously. I was suspended upside down with small metallic balls hung from the rope, hooks embedded into my skin, and through my nipples. I had tinsel mixed with my jute rope to irritate my skin and make me twitch and itch as I hung unable to move except for muscle twitches. Then Master spun me, wrapping me with lights and making me truly festive. I was feeling nauseous and light headed by the time the world stopped moving but didn’t have much time to recollect my thoughts before Master put a Hitachi straight against my clit making me gasp and cry out with unexpected pleasure. I squirmed again this time as my body quivered and came, over and over, the toy merciless in the pleasure it forced on me. Then there was a cock at my lips and I found another hand forcing my mouth up and down over this cock. Making me throat fuck them as my head spun and my body over sensitized kept me from really knowing where I was. It seemed the party had begun and as the Hitachi disappeared and a new toy filled my pussy as the cock fucked my mouth… I was the centerpiece and all I was meant to do for the night was survive the whims of the Masters around me.

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