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Your Personal Fuck Slave

Slavery Phone SexMaster brought me here, as a present, to You. I’m Your new fuck toy. Does that please You? I know I sure am going to. Every day will start the same for us; I’ll wake You up by sucking Your cock. Bobbing my head up and down, licking and flicking my tongue over Your cock head, until You leave me with a mouthful of hot, gooey cum. You’ll find Your slippers ready, as well as Your robe. The shower is already running for You.
I’ll climb right in with You, to scrub and soap Your body, and then to hold still while You use me for Your own pleasure, like a slutty pocket pussy. After washing Your body, I towel-dry You, shave You, and serve You coffee and breakfast.
When You get home from work, I’ll be kneeling at the door, naked and soaking wet, to suck Your cock. You’ll skull fuck me, until Your day’s stress drains right down my cum-guzzling throat. After I serve You dinner, make You a drink, and rub Your feet, You allow me the pleasure of bouncing on Your cock while You watch the news.
I’ll wind and grind my tight, hot cunt all over Your cock, until You cum deep inside of me. Of course, I have to clean myself off of You, which means You get to shoot more cum, this time all over my pretty tits. How may I service You?

Master Destroys My Ass

Hardcore Ass FuckingMy asshole was so stretched out by his huge cock, I swore I’d never be able to use the bathroom correctly again. I let out a long, low moan as I came for the fifth time. I love anal, and he knew just how to use me. I was begging for more and more, even as I felt him tear my little ass.
My cunt was soaked. He pulled out of my ass, and slid himself directly into my wet little fuckhole. “You’re my bitch.” He grunted as he shoved himself into my less abused hole. “Yes, Master.” I moaned. “I can’t hear you, cunt.” He started to slam into me, fucking me so hard I was sure I was about to pass out.
“YES MASTER!” I was screaming. He was hoping the neighbors would call the police again. He got rock hard as I tried to explain my bruises and gashes. He slapped me hard across the face, and then even harder on each of my tits. I was crying, but my cunt was in control; she was soaked, and she wanted more.
He grabbed me by my face and yanked me so I was sitting up. Pulling out of my pussy, he stood suddenly and shoved his fucking cock right down my submissive little throat. He shot out long, hot ropes of cum, and I swallowed every single drop. He always came in my mouth, so I could taste how good it made him feel using his slave’s body.

Cumming Over Tea Kettles

Submissive Phone SexI know the wetness on my pants is visible. I see women stare in disgust and men stare in wonder. The men sniff the air, trying to catch the scent of my sweet, soaked pussy. I was a trembling mess as I tried to do my shopping. I needed new sheets, a tea kettle, some towels. I didn’t know what else; everything escaped me except for the certain torture the dildo offered my aching cunt.
The man from the parking lot was here as well, watching and waiting for me to eventually push myself over the edge. I’m not a quiet girl when I cum; everyone would know they my pussy was being rocked with pleasure. I was humiliated, my face worse than a blushing bride. That only made my cunny drip more and more.
I saw my demise. I had to bend or squat down to reach the tea kettle I had come for. If I did that, every pussy muscle would clench and contract around my slick toy, and I’d lose control. The man smirked at me as I was on the verge of tears. I needed to cum, and I needed to cum now. The whore that I was was absolutely eating up every second of this.
Right now, I had a hard choice, though not the hard choice I wanted. What I needed was a fat, hard cock pumping away inside of my fuckholes. I needed Master to have me, to use me, to remind me I was His toy. Not that I ever forgot, of course. My cunt was always sweet and slick for him. Each step brought me closer and closer to the edge. As I squatted down, the moan escaped my fuckdoll lips as I came, my body wracked with waves of pure pleasure. I squirted all over the Kitchen Appliance isle, the men nearby closing in to “help” me. I knew they were going to use me now; clean up on isle three.

Department Store Dildo Whore

Guided MasturbationI hit a pothole, and nearly screamed. My pussy clenched around the seven inch dildo I’d plunged into my pussy while getting dressed. Every step, every single bump, was the sweetest torment. I rolled my car up to the department store, and parked at a distance from the storefront and the other cars. I put the car in park, and started to rock my hips against the dildo.
The pleasure that shot from my cunt to my clit was earth shattering. I started to really ride that thing. It pressed against my panties and the seat perfectly. I felt my breath coming quicker, my pulse racing, as my body was reaching it’s cumming point. That’s all I needed now. I was so in tune with fucking myself, I didn’t see the man approach.
“Are you okay, miss? You look like you’re having a seizure.” My heart leapt into my throat as I halted my strokes just mere millimeters away from a mind blowing orgasm. My face flushed; I’d been caught being a filthy whore in my car.
“I was… dancing.” I offered with a shy smile, my pussy trying to milk the dildo, begging for release.
“Oh.” He smiled knowingly, and offered a wink, before strolling away to enter the store. I saw how hard his cock was through his sweatpants. He knew! But I couldn’t continue now, I had to go shopping. I was caught with a hand in the cookie jar. I exited the car, whining at the pure torture this dildo was giving me. I walked towards the store, and stopped. It would be too much, the way my hips rocked the cock inside me. I was sure to make a mess of myself. Already, I could see a small wet spot on my pants. Not good!
There was a breath on my ear. The sexy bloke who’d caught me riding a rubber cock in my car was there, hand on my throat. “Don’t cum in the store, Kitten.” I whined again. I was never going to make it.

Fucked Under The Fireworks

Pain Slut Phone SexThe hot ashes rained down on our sweating bodies as the fireworks shattered the skies above.I was bouncing on Master’s cock to the tempo of the pyrotechnics. Beyond the burn of the falling embers on my skin, I felt the heat of a thousand gazes. My pussy was sloppy wet, sliding up and down his cock. I arched my back, and looked over my shoulder to see the masses stuffing the riverfront for the Fourth Of July.
Master reached his bull-thick hand up, wrapping his fingers around my delicate throat. He squeezed, until I wasn’t sure if I was seeing fireworks or stars. I couldn’t breathe, but I didn’t fight it. This was exactly the rough fucking I loved. Everything went quiet; everything went black.
When I regained consciousness, the deafening cannons of the fireworks were going into the grand finale. Evidently, so were we. Three men, one Master, surrounded me. They lit the sparklers, and held them close to my soft skin. My nipples caught the sparks, my sweet pussy singed. I moaned, but no one could hear me.
They grabbed me, and laid me to straddle a man. He slid, lubeless, into my tight asshole. Master shoved his cock right into my pain slave mouth, and the third man popped himself deep into my cunt. Rhythmless, reckless with abandon, they gangbanged me in front of the crowd. These people were getting a show, all right. Instead of fireworks exploding, three men came in my slutty whore holes almost simultaneously.
I laid back, well spent, as Master stroked my face. A standing ovation came harder than I had, and I knew every single one of those sick fucks was clapping for me.

Punishment Through Pleasure

Fetish Phone SexI was in the stocks, at the local BDSM Club. Master had brought me to be used by his companions. I was kneeling, with my hands outstretched in front of me; trapped in chains. My legs in stocks, with a spreader bar, and I was locked in. Blindfolded.
They came and they went, the wandering hands and the dripping cocks. They poked and prodded and probed, and filled my holes again and again and again.
I was being edged, as a community game. I needed to cum so badly. I didn’t know how long I had been here, but it didn’t matter. Minutes would have felt like hours anyway.
My cunt was slick, hot and dripping. I knew for sure that if the next cock that fucked me wasn’t careful, I would cum all over. I didn’t want that. My punishment would be far worse than this.
Sure enough, he came. He slid himself right into me, twisting the piercing on my clit, and giving me a hard slap on the ass. That’s all it took to throw me over the edge. I was milking his cock before either of us knew it was happening.
That’s when Master’s true fun began. They unchained me, and sat me down on the sybian. Master said if I wanted to cum so bad, I can spend several hours at it.
I’ve only come twice, but I am an absolute hell. It will not stop, and I know I will have hours of this torture by Pleasure. No matter where I squirm to, I cannot get away. The way that I fit oh, the way that I melt it, like clit is constantly in contact with the buzzing of the machine.
I’m screaming, but nobody is coming to help me. They sit around, drinking their martinis and laughing. What a poor little slave I am.

Perfect Pain Slut

Adult phone chatThe first thing you should know about me, is that I’m a filthy fucking whore. I crave things that make other women scared. While they shiver in fear, I quiver in pleasure. I’m not very good at this whole dating scene. The sort of scenes I’m good at will fulfill every single one of your wildest fantasies, though. I am here to be whatever you need me to be. I’m a pain slut baby, and that means I’ll beg for what other women shrink from. I need the contact, I need the hard crack of your hand going across my face, or my bare ass.

I need the tears that will fall from my beautiful eyes and the sobs that will escape mixed with the moans. These are the things I need to cum. I need you to beat me senseless. Not only until I’m black and blue, but until my pussy is dripping and ready to use. I’m not good at this dating scene, but I’ll be your own personal cock sleeve.I need to please you, Master.

I’ll give you everything and anything you ever wanted. You’re porn search history? Don’t be ashamed. Don’t be afraid. Let’s explore every filthy fetish you have together. I know how to please a man, and even better how to please a Master. I may not be the one you want to take home to your mother, but I will be the one you want to take home, tie your bed, and make your slave for the rest of the night, every night.

True Holy Water

Blasphemy Phone SexForgive me Father, for I have sinned. I thought I was ready to turn my life around. I had started going to the local Catholic Cathedral every Sunday, I was serving food in the local soup kitchens, and donating to charity every chance I got. Most of all, I had started my celibacy.

I was almost three months in when Father Arthur asked me to stay after Mass one day, just to help him with some paperwork in his office. How could I refuse? Such a holy man. He really leads his flock with love. He told me he needed to go up there first, and that he would meet me there when I was ready. I smiled and nodded, and thanked him as he walked away.
I wouldn’t stay thankful for long. Upon entering his office, the door slammed shut behind me. I looked, and Sister Mary Ethel and Sister Alice stood there, barring my way.

“It would seem that you have some repenting to do.” Father Arthur said as he stood. The sisters threw me over his desk, and they ripped my skirt down for my hips exposing my pink little ass cheeks and my rapidly dampening cunny.
I started to protest, but his cock was in my mouth before I knew what was happening. As I sucked and licked, and let him throat fuck me, the sisters began to beat me. With the rulers, with their rosaries, with anything that was available. Yes, even the Bible itself.
All the way up my ass, right down my soft little thighs, they abused my sweet skin. I was screaming around his cock. I could feel the welts on my ass as they beat me, and I could feel my pussy starting to really drip.
Sister Mary Ethel pointed that out, and they began to gently tease my cunt. Above the pain, I felt the pleasure. I had tried to repent, but God was making it very clear. I was born to be a sinner; a pain slut. As I came, all over the sisters fingers, they smirked and made a comment about “true holy water”.

As the priest came down my throat, he said,
“Take unto you the body of Christ, and be forever saved.” I felt the mix of cum and blood trickling down the back of my leg where I had been cut with the ruler, but I didn’t care. In my head I was screaming, begging for more.

I’m now on my true path, who I really was meant to be. An overly submissive masochist, all thanks to Father Arthur putting me back on my path. Hallowed be thy name.

Yours to Possess

pain slut phone sexThe darkest part of night is always when I have all of my fun. It hides the bruises that You give me, the cuts along my chest, and the screams that escape me. It doesn’t shroud what You do to me, though. The way You walk into a room, and just grab me. Because I am Yours, every piece of me is your property, and it all belongs to you. I am Yours to possess. Your hand around my throat, forcing me against the wall.
Your other hand in my hair, as You bring me down to suck on your fat cock. You want me to fuck your friends? Yes Master. If they want a fucking show, this filthy slut will give it to them. You want me to display myself at the family picnic? Yes Master. You want to string me up from the rafters by my nipples and my ankles? Anything to please You. Every breath, everything that I do, it’s all for You.
I crave the detailed attentions that only You offer. I need the sting of Your palm across my face, my ass, my tits, my cunt. I need the pain as much as I need the pleasure. At the very thought of You, my sweet pussy is instantly soaked. I need it. I need You, and every ounce of pleasure and pain You so generously gift me. In a perfect world, I’d live as Your slave, 24/7/365. Willingly, of course. Won’t You come and play with me? Won’t You remind me who I belong to?

Blessed Is Saint Andrew

submissive phone sexIt hurt like Hell; but I was in Heaven. I was slick with desire, my cunny a running river. Floating on cloud nine, I screamed again as the whip bit into my tender thigh, the welt not far behind. “But daddy I have been a good girl.”  I was sobbing, every breath a dagger in my side. I was sure at least one rib was broken.

“I know.” His voice was sandpaper and steel. “You’re welcome.” The whip kissed my tear stained cheek, blood bubbling up in its wake. I smiled over my split lip, thanking him with every breath. Daddy’s hands would be gentle later, as he soothed my scar-bound skin with gentle strokes of salve. Until then, I lived in the Glory of his lashes.

I was chained to an upright Saint Andrew’s Cross. He circled me, prowling like a predator on the hunt, eager to decide where to strike next. I was a prey who had wandered willingly into his trap. I was more frightened than I had ever been; a true deer in the headlights.

He whipped me until dusk, and then until dawn. By the time it was noon again, I’d lost feeling in my hands and feet, but not where it counted. I was a latticework cross-stitch in ivory and crimson, and all I could think about was getting more, the snap of the whip, and the smooth walnut of the crux decussata.

My throat was raw from crying and shouting, and from the eight times he’d throat fucked me with his thick cock. From the look in his slate eyes, I knew number nine was coming soon, and I had no idea when it would stop. The very thought made my slick pussy drip even more. Woe is me, the luckiest little pain slut on the planet; and blessed is Saint Andrew.

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