You Are My Bitch

As soon as he asked the question my nipples got hard and mu cunt began to quiver. sometimes I wonder if these guys have a clue when they ask the questions they ask what the result will be. But it doesn’t fucking matter ask and you shall receive. Oh how you shall will receive!
When he said he wanted to be someone’s bitch and that he had been telling his partners this for years and they just didn’t get it. The experience just wasn’t enough.
He laughed when he said this wouldn’t be any different but I could try. Boy was he in for the surprise of is life.
I took his ass back to the hotel that he rented and as soon as the door closed I shoved his ass on the floor. I put my heel into his throat and told him not to fucking move. I let him know he was my bitch until I let him go.
First I ripped every piece of clothes off of him. When he asked what he would wear when we were done, I simply laughed and told him I didn’t give a shit, a bitch didn’t deserve clothes and that if he spoke again or did anything with out being asked to or with out permission he would be severely punished.
His dick was rock hard and he was in for the bitch ride of his life.
By the time the son came up he was well aware of what it was like to be my bitch and he was begging me to stay as I closed the door behind me.

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