We all know how sexy I am but do you know when I feel my sexiest? When I wear my stockings and heels. There is something about feeling how soft and smooth the stockings make my legs and feet feel that just leaves me sopping wet. I love to wear heels to because they make me feel so confident. They show off my shapely legs and make me feel empowered. Sometimes when I am at work sitting at my desk I will slip off my heels and rub my feet against one another just to feel the stockings touching against each other. My boss caught me doing just that the other day because I accidentally let a tiny little moan escape my mouth and he heard it. He began to chastise me because he thought I was touching myself under my desk. I told him I wasn’t and if we could just step into his office I would tell him what I was doing. Of course he agreed. I not only taught him how good my stockings feel but also how hot it is to see my heels in the air when he was fucking me. I did not get any of the work I am paid for done that day. However I did get to work on my boss!

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