Ball Pit


My little sluts got invited to a birthday party at that pizza place. All the small ones running around and games going off. Not really my scene. But I got paid a pretty penny to show up. Bob had this wicked fantasy about fucking one of my ankle biters in the ball pit. Of course I knew it was risky. All the rugrats playing and everyone watching him. But I dressed my youngest Katelyn up in a cute little party dress. I didn’t let her wear panties. I even let her play on some of the games until Bob showed up. Then I told her it was time for her to play with Bob in the ball pit. Oooh she didn’t know how he was going to fuck her. She was so happy to be at the party. Bob pulled her into the pit. There were several other little ones playing in there. Those rug rats didn’t even realize what was happening. Bob put Katelyn right down on his dick and started fucking her. Some wee ones were climbing all over them. Bob was talking to all those munchkins as he blew his load deep inside Katelyn. Those lil’ ones slut moms didn’t even realize what was happening. When Bob zipped up and got out. I told him all those brats are playing in your cum. And that was all it took. He needed to unload again! So I let him buy some more time with Katelyn. I got to leave early and he would bring her home when he was done!

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