The Best Nightmare Ending Ever!

Submissive Phone SexWhen I woke up today it was gorgeous outside, As I sat at the breakfast bar having my morning coffee and looking outside I thought I should have a lazy day, just spend the day laying out by the pool and working on my tan, I love laying out by the pool and the pool service had just been here a few days ago and got it ready. It is so sparkling clean and inviting. So after my coffee and I had an onion bagel with cream cheese for breakfast I decided to go put on a swim suit and lay out by the pool. It was a little cool still but the sun felt so good, I was really enjoying laying there, listening to music and I brought out the current sex novel I am reading too.

As I was reading it made me sleepy and I must have dozed off. While asleep I had this dream that this huge ugly man had me locked in a room in his castle and would use me for his sex toy. I was kept in chains, I wasn’t allowed out unless he took me out to abuse, fuck me or let me bathe. In my dream I had to get away, this man being mean and fucking and abusing me didn’t bother me nearly as much as his grossness did. He was ugly, hair smelled awful and most of his teeth were missing, Finally one day he had taken me outside to sit in the sun while he belittled and berated me and I thought this was my chance to run. It would be my only chance to get away, he never takes me outside. So I ran, and I ran as fast as I could and he was close behind me.

I was so frightened, I knew if he caught me I would face horrible torture and would be kept in that dungeon looking dark dirty room for the rest of my life. My heart was racing and I was screaming and running as fast as I could. The next thing I know someone is shaking me and I woke up screaming. It was my neighbor and he took me in his arms and assured me it was just a bad dream, bad dream hell, it was the worst nightmare ever! But my neighbor took me inside to my bedroom and made me feel so much better, as he was fucking me so hard and I was cumming multiple times I was grateful it was only a nightmare and now I was in a real dream, only with this dream I am wide awake and really enjoying having my brains fucked out!

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