My Family Reunion

We had our family reunion last week! It was so much fun. I got to see all kinds of family members that I only see at family gatherings. Most people when they think of my kind of family reunion they think it is just a big orgy. That is not entirely true. We are a normal family. We hug and catch up with each other, we eat and sometimes we even sing a little karaoke! We play card games and just enjoy each other’s company. That does happen for a while. Eventually there are some family members that begin to play with each other.

We also play games that kinda promote one on one play time. We always play twister in our underclothes. That one is a favorite of mine. This year was a little different for me. I have a cousin that I have been wanting to play with for a while. He has always seemed uninterested with me. At the time I thought it was because I was always with my brother. See, my brother and I are very close. We have a special relationship. 

My cousin approached me and asked if he could take a few pictures of me. I of course said yes and my brother tagged along. My cousin failed to mention they would be nude pictures. I did not mind though. I love to show off my body for my family. The pictures turned out to be really hot and my cousin turned them into a collage. It was a huge turn on to see how hot I looked in those pictures. Plus I could see the erections of my brother and cousin straining against their pants.

I saw this as my opportunity for what I have always wanted. My cousin. I was hoping my brother would join too. I know how much fun he is to fuck. I did not have to do anything other than mention that I was horny and would like to have some cock. Both my cousin and my brother were all over me! Best family reunion ever and I got my picture collage to remember it by! I can not wait for next year! 

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