I Want Some Hot Stuff Baby Tonight!

Submissive Phone SexWith the beautiful weather upon us I decided it was time to make sure my body was in shape for the upcoming swim suit season because I love to look hot and turn heads in my swim suits. I scheduled an entire day at the spa, I wanted a massage, to sit in the sauna, have a facial, and to have a full body wax to rid myself of all unwanted hair. I will have them wax and shape my eyebrows, wax my underarms, legs, and my cute little pussy. I love to pamper myself and then I will make sure to hit the tanning bed to get a head start on the wonder tan I get each year. I think tans make me look so much healthier than the pale skin I have all winter long. And then I will get my hair and a mani pedi done, this is an entire day dedicated to pampering myself and to make sure I start my spring off looking as hot as I possibly can.

Every woman knows that beauty is pain and everyone also knows I love pain. So as they were waxing me and ripping off the hair especially on my pussy I would cum every time! I am so grateful these ladies know me quite well at the spa and it doesn’t bother them in the least that I have multiple orgasms as they work on me and inflict pain. I think they have actually come to look forward to my appointments because I don’t complain or bitch like a lot of the ladies do when they are being waxed. At the end of the day I have cum five or six times, it was a wonderful day. I went straight home and put on my sexiest little black swim suit.

I wanted my husband to see me as soon as he walked in the door. He took one look at me and dinner was totally forgotten and we spent the night with him fucking my brains out. It really hurt my freshly waxed pussy for him to ram his huge rock hard cock in and out of me which caused me to cum even harder than normal! Beauty is pain and pain is the ultimate orgasm for me! I wanted some hot stuff with the waxing and then I wanted some hot stuff from my baby tonight, just like Donna Summer’s song Hot Stuff Baby Tonight says, I love that song, and I got both!

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