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Adult phone chat is my favorite way to make my young, wet bald pussy happy! I mean, I used to do movies and webcam porn, but anyone can spread their legs and get their holes fucked in front of a camera. It takes real attention to detail, imagination, and passion to really enjoy some hot phone sex. I like describing every taste, scent, sound, and sensation to my caller. The heat of my breath on his flesh, my milky soft skin brushing against his. I get so fucking wet talking about how full their big cock feels buried to the hilt in my tight, young bald pussy. Or how good it feels when his hot mouth pulls my hard, sensitive nipple in his mouth, and grazes it gently with his teeth before giving my breast a bite.

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I meet my caller at his hotel. I got there early, and put on a special, sexy little outfit that I know will just drive him wild. It’s an under-bust corset, with the garter belt, thong, and thigh-high stockings. All in a deep, dark red color. I love how it contrasts to my skin.

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