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Small Dick Cuckolding Lover

cuckolding phone sexYour dick can not ever compare to compare to my other lovers. You think that I want anything to do with that Vienna sized thing between your legs. You should be locked in chastity and never be able to cum again! My Ex boyfriend knew that his dick would never be good enough for me. I made him love the taste of cum from my pussy after I had cheated on him. At first I was afraid to tell him I had been fucking his assistant at the law firm. I mean I am one hot lady, that big dick was too much for me to deny. His whole office knew we had been fucking before I told on myself. He was so mad and hurt, but he knew it was because he could never penetrate my pussy well enough to make me cum. His mouth was always so good though. They called him Mr. Pussy for a reason in college. He could eat pussy better than a Dyke, but fucking was not his strong suite. It’s a shame to a man like him just didn’t have the length or girth to pleasure with his dick. The night I told him, he asked f we had fucked that day. I said yes and he begged to clean and worship my pussy. I let him and we had many months of fun that way until I just decided to run away with his assistant. That was a few years ago and now I am looking for more men to cuckold and humiliate!

Daddy’s poker game

daddys girl phone sex

Daddys girl phone sex rocks! Daddy was having his usual weekly poker game with a bunch of guys from his old army unit and he told me to dress up in a sexy red, white and blue teddy and keep the snacks and drinks coming. Pretty soon the focus was all on me and not on the hands of poker. It was decided while I was refilling drinks that I should do my civic duty and serve them all. When I walked back in there were 5 sets of hands all over my tits, ass, pussy and some fingers in my mouth! My teddy was ripped away and thrown to the side while I was thrown onto the poker table. For the next couple of hours I was pounded hard in my pussy, fucked fast in my ass and made the rockets explode in my mouth. It was a very patriotic night! I was nothing but a puddle of used tissue and cum by the end. After Daddy showed everyone he told me that I had done a great job and then pulled his cock out so he could cum all over me one last time before bed. He got me a towel and a blanket and told me that all the mess better be cleaned up by morning. I can’t wait to “serve” again!!!

Cum slut for BBC

black cock phone sexCan we talk about how much I love big black cock? BBC is what makes my cunt a sloppy, wet mess. White guys are okay, Asian fellahs are super attentive, Native gents are so good at oral, and Latinx men are excellent lovers, but there is just something about that dark chocolate prick slamming in and out of my fuck holes that really gets my cunny nice and creamy. I love those massive hands wrapping around my waist, and lifting me up off of the bed, then down onto his thick as fuck cock. What can I say? Black guys get me off, and really just fuck better than anyone else. I even take those big black cocks in my tiny little asshole. That’s right! I let them stretch me open, and have their way with me. If he wants me to choke while he throat fucks me, pull out and slam his sloppy cock into my hot ass, cum deep inside of my young naughty spot, and then make me suck his cock nice and clean then that is exactly what I am going to do. I think you underestimate my absolute love and favoritism for sexy ass, hung black dudes and their huge horse cocks!

Anal Play Stretching

anal phone sexYou don’t even have to ask, just lube that thick fucking cock up and slide it directly into my tight little asshole. I want you to turn me in to the dirtiest anal cum dumpster that has ever been thought of. How many loads do you want me to take? Three? Thirteen? How about thirty? I can get stretched and used that much all in one day, as long as I get my nose candy fix. Coke myself out a little bit, and take the pounding that I deserve in my once tight Chocolate Starfish. There’s just something about getting my little ass stretched out that turns me on so much. It hurts so fucking good, but it sure is shit makes my pussy dripping fucking wet. Sometimes my nipples leak too, and I swear to God these anal fuckers love that more than anything else. Except for when I squirt while they’re banging me in the booty. Yeah I can cum from taking loads in my ass just like the perfect submissive whore. That’s why none of these bitches can compete with me. I can give all these fucking John’s something that they can’t, and that is the ability to be the perfect anal cum Pocket Pussy, where they can deposit and drop all of that delicious baby gravy.

Princess’s new toy

daddys girl phone sexDaddy got me a new toy! I have been trying really hard to be a good girl and today Daddy said that he had gotten me a present. I squealed and jumped into Daddy’s arms to show him how grateful I was and after a minute of kissing and touching he told me to meet him downstairs. I bounced down the stairs into our basement where all of our big toys were kept and Daddy was waiting for me with a big box tied up in a bow. He told me that after I removed all of my clothes that I could open my gift. It didn’t take me long to ditch my shorts and tank and was soon ripping my box open. There was my new toy- a personal fucking machine. I couldn’t wait to try it out! Daddy got the box open and all the pieces put together for me and I eagerly got down on all fours to try it out. Daddy strapped my hands and ankles down in the restraints and placed the cock at my already dripping entrance and told me to push back on the cock. OMG!!!!! He started the machine slow and then started increasing the speed; pretty soon I was nothing more than a sobbing mess. I had cum some many times that I couldn’t keep track. After an hour Daddy finally let my poor pussy have a rest. I was so worn out that I slept there on the floor in the puddle of my own cum. Daddy said that next time we use it that he is going to tape it and put it on the internet for everyone to see what a whore I am!

Why would I want you?

cuckolding phone sexTell me loser, why in the world would I want you? I mean just look at you, you’re pudgy and out of shape. Your cock is really too small to even be called a cock, it’s much more like a clitty. Honestly you should just give up on being a man at all and just start dressing like a woman because you are much more womanly than you are manly. In fact, there is nothing manly about you at all! You are not handsome, you have a tiny dick and you definitely do not have enough money to make me try to forget those things. I know it seems harsh to say it so bold like that but you need to know that no quality woman would ever want to fuck a man like you. Women like me we like real men. Men with big fat cocks and wallets to match. The kind of men that think nothing of dropping a few grand on a night out with me and then fucking me for hours afterword. You could never do that now could you?

Dirty Little Latina Cum Slut Phone Sex

cum slut phone sexYou need your dirty Latina cum slut phone sex whore. I am the one who drives fetish thoughts through your head.  I need cum just like I need air to breathe. And when he walked into the bar, I knew I had to have him. My cunt spasmed and I wanted to claim him right there. He turned and his blue eyes shot right through my soul. It was me he was here to see. I was his primary suspect in the car heist. This ain’t no fast and furious this is the hard and horny! I threw my pool stick on the table and walked right up to him. I needed this Gringo to go away and fast. He wasn’t safe here. My pussy isn’t safe around him either. I motioned him to my office as his eyes followed my ass swinging. I hope his cock was ready! As soon as I locked the door I pushed him against the wall and climbed him like a tree. My thong was pushed to the side as he entered my whore hole. “Fuck me daddy!” Got to love when men slum. I had his expensive suit wrinkled and my Puta little ass high in the air. I crave cum and being a bad girl always get me the biggest loads and the biggest cum dumps! No wonder I get away with so much shit. I have the best tight Hot squirting pussy!

Dear Amazon….

Phone sexDear Amazon,

Thanks again for having your annual prime day! I bought tons of fun things!

I got all kinds of vibrators and sex swings and chairs…it is a regular romper room for the sexually perverted!

However, I am just one tiny sweet young girl and I had no idea how to assemble all this stuff. I was so looking forward to just jumping right in and starting my own little fuck fest but now my tight little pussy is dripping and I am surrounded by nuts a screws (ha ha)!

So I thought, I bought all this from Amazon, maybe they could help a girl out!

And Amazon, you came through as always!

So I looked up  play set assembly, typed in my address and sure enough, you sent sent a couple guys over! Who knew!

They came with sexy belts and all kinds of tools!

I showed them my play room and one of the guys looked a little confused…explaining that this is not the type of play thing they assemble!

The other guy was more than happy to help!Adult phone chat

Watching these men make my little romper room was getting me even more excited! I love a man who can work with his hands!

I couldn’t wait to try everything out!

We played with everything!

The chair was perfect for sucking one guys meaty cock while having my tight little pussy pounded with the others bulging fuck stick!

The swing was so amazing! I was able to have a cock in my ass and a hard dick in my cunt at the same time!

I was getting fucked so hard that the plaster started coming off the ceiling!

But I loved it! My tight pussy and shit hole getting filled full of handy man cum!

We fucked for hours until the men were exhausted and I was dripping dick spit everywhere!

So I gave them a kiss and sent them home and then went straight to the fucking machineSo in short, I want to say thanks again for making my dreams come true!

Love always,


Amazon Rocks!


Hardcore Ass Fucking For A Pig

What happens when a Pig comes to my side of town?
hardcore ass fuckingI get to give that fucking police officer a hardcore ass fucking he deserves! And you fucking came alone.
What a mother fucking idiot! My homeboys and a few of my girls were on him like white on rice, or brown on shit! Pushed down and stripped of his uniform I had your cock in my hands squeezing it hard.
“Oink for me Piggy! Squeal like the piece of shit you are!”
Look at all these Latina Bitches who want you fucking dead!

My big 11 inch strap on needs to scoop you out but  have better plans for you.
You deserve all the punishment I can give you. I fucking hate cops!
It wasn’t long before I pissed down in your mouth making you drink my golden nectar. I shoved your own berretta up your ass. I assaulted you with your own weapon. Made you scream like a little girl.

Blue lives don’t matter to a thug Bitch like me!

But that wouldn’t save your dick. I rubber banded the whole thing. God you were so hard, I made you beg for your life as I had my homeboys shove you mouth full of Mexican cock. Not so big and bad now pig!
The last thing you feel is your cock is severed and I pull the trigger of you gun to kill you as I give you an ass fucking that killed!

I want to get off on your humiliation!

Textbook small cock humiliation phone sex

small cock humiliation phone sexThis guy tried to pick me up at a bar but he was a complete dick. Really full of himself like he was trying too hard to overcompensate for something if you know what I mean. It all came off like a textbook version of a small cock humiliation phone sex call. He just had some real small dick energy going on and I was over it. I snapped at him and asked him if he really thought he had even the slightest chance of taking a Goddess like me home and he just hung his head and said no. He said that I was just like his wife, beautiful and cruel and he knew that there was no way he could ever satisfy me but he just wanted to feel like a real man for once. Well he was going about it all wrong and all he succeeded in doing was pissing me off so I made him take me home and introduce me to his wife. Her name is Vinny and she is a very beautiful woman with a taste for large cocks and boy did I have a nice big one for her. He was so shocked that I even had a dick let alone one so big, he so did not want me to fuck Vinny but I did and I made him watch the whole thing. He literally cried can you believe that shit? Vinny just laughed at him and made sure he saw that I could make her cum over and over, something that he could never do. He cleaned up her cum filled pussy when I was done fucking her too, he tried to act like he didn’t want to be he loved that shit. He still needed to be broken a bit more tho so I made sure to fuck that little man pussy of his while he was cleaning Vinny’s pussy. Little bitch even screamed can you believe that nonsense? I hope he learned a lesson on hitting on women that are way out of his league.tranny phone sex

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