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Anal Slut Alanza

anal phone sex

Anal sluts love when they can retell a dirty ass fucking! They don’t call me anal phone sex Alanza around here for nothing. My favorite caller enjoys me going back to the days when I needed a fake ID to get into the Rave. Blue dread locks in my hair, freshly tattooed by my homie and looking to get in trouble. My attitude was bad back then, still is  😋, but I have finessed my anger into sexual activities because of one very well hung, sadistic mother fucker! This dude had like a ten inch cock and wore more eyeliner than I did. He didn’t like me starting fist fights in the pit. He grabbed me by my hair and cold cocked me. I was drug into the mens room with fifty people clapping and egging him on. How was this stupid young whore supposed to know he owned the club. My face hit the mirror as he pulled up my tiny skirt and ripped my little white panties off. Grunts and growls as he dry fucked my ass and bit my shoulder. The harder he fucked me the more I screamed “give me more!” It was angry sex at the peak of my young adult hood. Choked out and ass fucked, I still managed to cum hard!  We must have spent two hours in that bathroom, me cleaning my shit off his cock and him feeding me ecstasy like it was candy. Oh, baby it doesn’t stop there, I have many more Ass To Mouth Phone Sex stories that will make your cock explode! 

ass to mouth


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Nasty Babysitter Phone Sex

babysitter phone sex

Of course I love to fuck the hot dads when I babysit, but that’s not the only person I like to fuck. Sometimes these younger boys need to be taught how to treat a girl, and I am always more than ready to teach them. I know that these boys are already thinking naughty thoughts about me. I’ve walked in on several younger boys masturbating. Instead of shaming them, I always tell them that what they’re feeling is totally okay and to not stop on my account. Usually I’ll go sit next to them and encourage them to keep going. It doesn’t ever take long for the boys to ask if they can see me naked. I always say yes, because that’s just a natural thing. They always cum so fast when they see their first naked pussy up close, but luckily they have the ability to bounce back quickly at that age. Then I give them a taste of my pussy literally and figuratively. It’s always so satisfying to be the first woman their cocks are ever inside.  And needless to say, they always beg their parents to hire me to come back the next time they need a babysitter. If you want to hear more, you know how to reach me!

Vampire Slavery Phone sex

Slavery Phone sex

I have a hot fucking Vampire slavery phone sex tale for you! I was out with the gang and partying pretty heavily. I thought I was a bad enough bitch to walk home by myself. I was wrong. No body would fuck with this Alpha female, but I wasn’t counting on the dark things that roam this earth. When he came up behind me I had my boot knife out in a flash, but he was so powerful he hurled me against a brick wall knocking the breath out of me.

Then he said he was going to take my sweet pussy as he held me up by my throat, my feet kicking I could do nothing to stop the assault. With his powerful strength he ripped off my clothes until I was almost passing out. My panties and bra still left on, he grinned wickedly. I saw his fangs then and tried to scream! His long fingers pulled at my panties and found me wanting and wet.

This Vampire laughed so wickedly as he let go of my neck and bit through my bra at my hard aching nipples. His long fingers snaking inside my swollen pussy lips. It felt like a cock as he finger fucked me to orgasm, all while telling me his super natural cock was in fact super sized and would make me hurt. I got scared and tried to fight but my head was knocked back and I only saw darkness. 

What woke me up was his teeth tearing my neck and his huge Vampire dick penetrating my pussy so hard I thought he would rupture me from the inside out. As he gave me one chance to speak he asked if I was willing to be his vampire slave and worship him for eternity. It was my only chance at survival, I had lost a lot of blood, I said yes, only because I wanted to keep this big cock forever!

Roleplay Phone Sex

This is the hot roleplay phone sex I live for, or shall I say die for! 

Fuck The Police!

hardcore ass fuckingFuck the police! Nothing is better than hardcore ass fucking a piggy cop! Brutal is half of it! I will make sure any cop that comes into my hood gets beat to death after I have prolapsed his ass and his bowels are pissed on buy four or five of my Latina bitches! Fucking oinker! I will fucking use your own gun to ass fuck you while your service some nigger cocks! Oh, I’m vulgar? This slut just says how it is baby! Cops should all be tortured and Murdered! I don’t give a flying fuck, my cunt get so wet for some pathetic loser police officer who needs to be put in his fucking place. My whore ass knows that ten fucking black me all have something to gain from fucking a greasy bacon smelling cop. Lets reverse police brutality and hurt this white mother fucker! My girls have baseball bats at the ready and our brothers to fuck the shit of out that piggy ass! Now, that’s something to give me a hot squirting pussy! Here piggy, piggy, I need to fuck you and fuck you up now! hot squirting pussy

A Pain Slut’s New Years Resolution

Adult Phone Chat

I think that I may have actually come up with the best New Year’s resolution I’ve ever had. This year, I want to be abused by a very specific man. I need to be shown my place, I need to be reminded that I’m just a stupid submissive bitch and nothing that I say or think matters. I need to be reminded that I’m just a piece of fuck me, just fuck holes with legs, they can perform other service tasks. I need to be reminded that I’m worthless. How does that fit in with my New Year’s resolution? I’m out to find the perfect master. I’m finally ready to be collared, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen. No matter what you need, no matter what humiliation you will need to put me through, I’ll do it if it means I have a shot at being your collared Payne slave.
I’ll be your little accomplice, if you’re AP daddy and you like to abused little angels. Maybe you need me to bring you a little play toys; I’d be more than happy to hunt the streets for the perfect little fuck slut for you master. Maybe it’s me that you want to abuse, and I would never tell you no to hurting me. Anything that brings me pain brings you pleasure, and anything that brings you pleasure fulfills my meaningless existence.

Kinky Phonesex Cum Slut


I don’t even care if it sounds conceited – I am the absolute perfect kinky phonesex cum slut. I have never shied away from a roleplay or fantasy that others might think is a little “out there”. If I’m being honest, those are actually my favorite kinds of calls to get. I mean, we all need to keep things spicy in the bedroom, and of course, that counts when it’s over the phone, too. So for fucks sake, don’t be shy with me! I will take your fantasy and turn it into something that you’re going to remember for years to come. Did you think that you might never get to talk about your kinks with a woman as hot as me? Well, the good news is that you can and you will if you call me. Do you have taboo incest fantasies? Maybe with a little ageplay thrown in? Do you want some accomplice play? How about some rape fantasies? Do you think about fucking altar boys? I’m here for anything and everything you need. I am the kinkiest slut around and I’ll be happy to show you that when you give me a call. Do you think you are as dirty as me? Call me and find out!

Eat My Peppermint Cream Pie

Creampie Phone Sex

My cunt is full of cheer right now, and a big fat peppermint stick! I am thinking of all the taboo creampie phone sex cuckolds and sissies that need a good mouthful of creamy cunt! It all started when I got busted fucking another ol’ ladies man.  I was ready to beat this bitches ass if she tried anything, but she just smiled and said that I could have him! Now I didn’t want this motherfucker I was only fucking him out of revenge, This cunt had fucked one of my niggas with the biggest dick I had in ages. What she said next surprised me. She would rather fuck me than fuck him, the only thing her loser man was good at was eating her cum filled cunt. I began laughing because she was right! And as This bitch strippped down and crawled in the bed, I knew i wanted to fuck her and fuck big cock with her too! She brought a candy cane off the Christmas tree and I began kissing her and fucking her with it and could feel the cum loads start running out of her wet pussy! It was when she sat on her old mans face and he began moaning and slurping her cunt that I knew we were going to have a lot of fucking fun dominating him! Plus my home girl and me have a history of being gangbang sluts, and you can imagine how much cum we would be bringing back to his mouth! 

sissy phone sex

Drunky two shoes

forced intoxication

I went out with a guy who used forced intoxication to get what he wanted. We went to dinner and had some drinks and he suggested some after dinner fun back at his house. He brought me down into his basement where he had a whole sexual playground set up. We were out of our clothes quickly and he brought me over to a swing. He helped me climb in and then placed my wrists and ankles into locking cuffs for safety. He then applied some warming lube to my pussy and ass and then inserted what I thought was a plug. He pulled a rope and my head dropped while my ass rose. He started pouring a bottle of cheap vodka into the funnel type plug that was seated in my hole. I was struggling to get loose but I was feeling the booze and blood rush pretty quick. He then pulled another rope and brought my head back up to normal. I was a woozy, drunk mess that he fucked for a few hours and then sent home. I left with a belly, cunt and asshole full of cum. The best part about the whole night was that I woke up with no hangover! I want to try anal drinking again- are you game?

New Years is Cumming

Adult Phone Chat

New Year’s is cumming faster than me what I’m getting the shit beat out of me. It’s a joke, because getting physically abused makes my cunt drip. I’m a true submissive pain slut, and I’ll do anything to get those endorphins released when I get my ass whooped. Whether it’s by hand, baseball bat, paddle, flogger, whipped, or belt, I’m always ready to take a beating. I like suspension play, and extreme fucking bondage. You can count on me to say yes to an Anal Hook. In fact, you honestly could probably count on me to say yes to almost anything you asked for. I’m here to serve you, not to deny you. I’m here to give you exactly what you crave.
If you crave my screams, I’m more than happy to provide. If you need me to beg for you to stop bruising and blistering my skin, that’s what you’re going to get. Maybe you need me to beg for more, because you and I both know that I am in insatiable masochistic bitch. Maybe I’m pleading for you to fuck me, because my pussy is so wet that I just can’t stand not being filled with your perfect cock any longer. What do you crave? I’m feeling generous today.

Your Snuff Phone sex Fantasies Fulfilled!

snuff phone sex Imagine the most horrible, twisted, and evil snuff phone sex fantasies you have ever had, ones that you obsess over day and night. Young bodies that I will offer up for your deviant and sadistic pleasure. Oh fuck yes, this is going to be an amazing torture session, no matter how dark, gory, or bloody it is. No amount of begging, pleading, or crying won’t change our plan. Anything she does is only going to push me further to go harder and more merciless on her pathetic little puta ass! I love that Your dick gets so hard as I laugh right in their tear streaked little faces and tell them every twisted detail of what she is on store for her sweet juicy ass! The truth is that Mommy isn’t going to come and rescue you, in fact, sometimes I tell them their Mommies gave them to us, because they just didn’t want them anymore, sometimes it’s true! Especially in the mother fucking hood! Oh, baby! I can’t wait until we find our next victim, I have a kind of craving I can’t get rid of until we find a new innocent fresh piece of meat. My pussy is throbbing and ready tp squirt all over these faces and bodies as you fuck them to death for me! Is your cock ready for our accomplice phone sex adventures?

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