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Forced BBC Training

Cuckolding Phone Sex
Can you guess how many inches the biggest cock I’ve ever taken was? You won’t even believe me if I tell you! I’m a slutty fucking whore and I swore I’d been training for that day my entire life. He was a six foot five, three hundred pound Congolese canuck that has an unbelievable sixteen inch big black cock that he expected me to sit on and take all the way inside of me. I knew I’d never be able to do it, even with all the massive dick I’d taken before. Then, I realized if I’ve been fisted like a filthy gang bang whore, and I have, that I could probably take his humongous cock! I tried so many positions to get it inside of me, but we just couldn’t seem to do it. Until finally, he bent me over a bar stool, yes right in the view of every fucking body out drinking that night. That giant BBC pulled my little panties aside and flipped up my micro skirt. He lined his cock up, and told me we were going to get past ten inches. He told me my dripping wet cunt was going to take all sixteen inches whether I liked it or not. Spoiler alert, I fucking loved it. He lined up and just started pushing perfectly inside of me. And then, oh fuck!

versatile phone sex whore

phone sex You love this versatile phone sex whore. When you need a little ethnic trash you cum to me. I have to be fucking nasty for you. I have no choice in the matter. Can I help it if the perverted is what gets my brown cunt off? I love murder, rape fantasy and men who need a fucked up chick to get off with. I go from mommy p-whore to sadistic castration in 5 seconds flat. You need to catch a mommy watching some brat sex movies, and force her into giving up her little Pre-whore to your thick dick? I am down to fuck for that! And when you need to go a little further and fucking slice her little head off an fuck her in the eye socket, well I’m your whore for that to. Sometimes I am mommy to a little penis man, and sometimes I’m beating you to a stump as I fuck a gang of black men while you die. If I have gave you any ideas feel free to jack that cock off with this whore of Snuff phone sex and so much more. You know your fucked up fantasies are welcomed here.
I can take your p-fantasies
Snuff ( accomplice or Mistress!)
Race play
And Sissy dreams of serving.
BBC Fucking 

School Girl Phone Sex


School Girl Phone SexMy Professor has been giving me the fuck me look during our last few classes. Naturally, I had to tease him a bit. I wore my shortest skirt, tightest top and highest heels. I knew I looked fucking good. I caught him staring at my cleavage that was spilling out from my bra while he was giving his lesson. I giggled as I tossed my pencil carelessly off my desk and bent over to pick it up. The rest of the students were oblivious, but I saw the shape of his erection start to form inside of his pants. There was a bit of a flush to his face and he began stammering. Unsurprisingly, he called me to his office after class. I was ready and eager for him. We began fucking like two wild animals as he bent me over his large, wooden desk. Married men phone sex is such a turn on. It makes my panties wet being able to please my Professor like the good cumslut school girl that I am. I choked on his hard cock as he confessed his obsession. Until our next lesson…

He Got On His Knees To Suck Him

black cock phone sexHe is my husband and I love him, but he is a cuck. His tiny little shriveled up dick does nothing for me. The thought of it in my mouth makes me gag. I keep him around because he looks good in sissy panties and he knows how to use his tongue. He doesn’t mind that I have other men. In fact, I think he actually enjoys it. The other night he came running with my phone to show me a text message I received. It was just a picture, no words. But that picture, damn, it was a rock-hard 12-inch BBC with a head covered in pre-cum. My panties were wet just looking at it and when I looked down his were too. I kissed his cheek and told him we were going to have some fun tonight. We prepared together. Taking a nice warm bubble bath and him shaving my legs and washing my hair. Then we applied some sweet-smelling lotion, made my cunt perfect and waited. The doorbell rang and he went running to get it. Dressed in a sweet little red dress and matching thong. His eyes twinkled and he practically skipped as he brought that beast of a man to my room. I was waiting for that beast and my sissy husband already was on his knees ready to suck him to full erection.

Babysitter Fucks A Whore

Adult Phone Chat

Being a whore is just like a full-time job when I give out my pussy but I don’t do it for the money! I do it for the pleasure that it gives me! I love the feeling of a nice, thick cock just slowly filling me up and then ramming me against the kitchen island of my daddy’s house! I invited my old babysitter over to fuck me while my parents were away and I’m enjoying every last orgasm I give and get. He has his cock deep in my pussy and when he’s done using it, I lick it clean and turn over for him to use my ass as he sees fit! Cum and take care of this slut!

Blasphemy Phone Sex Goddess

blasphemy phone sex

Some people might wonder how the fuck blasphemy phone sex is something that would even turn anyone on. Meanwhile, I’m over here wondering why it wouldn’t!!! If you think about it, Christianity is the ultimate in controlling other people. So, if you’ve always gone to church on Sundays and worshiped God, you’re exactly the kind of person who needs to call me for religious blasphemy.  You have been controlled for so long and you need to just get it all out of your system.  So, what you need to do is get on the phone and give me a call.

See, you know that the Dark Lord is going to give you better orgasms than that so-called Christian God. That God doesn’t even want you to have them in the first place. Just imagine what nutting is going to feel like once you start to worship the one who cares about your cum. I don’t think you’ll ever go back to the other way of doing things. Once you have your first blasphemous orgasm, you will never want to have a watered-down experience ever again. All you have to do to get everything you’ve dreamed of is call me and I’ll help you see the light. There’s no greater orgasm than the ones possessed by Beelzebub himself.

Sissy phone sex with the hottest princess around

sissy phone sex

I know you have a thing for sissy tendencies. I see how much you love to look at my clothes and you think you are fooling someone. You aren’t. I can spot a sissy, and I know you want to be a cum slut sissy. You want to be able to enjoy yourself as a sexy sissy who goes around and fucks and sucks all kinds of cocks till you can no longer take it anymore.

I want to see you get fucked so well. Don’t deny yourself how much of a whore you can be. You need to admit it and live your truth. I will take you shopping and make you so obsessed with making guys cum all over you and in you. You’re going to be the best bottom beta bitch ever.

Age Play Anal

BDSM Phone Sex
My sweet asshole is stretching out more and more with every push of your fist. It took hours to finally get my little fuck hole to open up to you, but we’ve done it and now I’m at my happiest. My tight teen body is tiny, and you made my young daughters watch as you used first just your fingers, but now your whole fist to stretch me my a rubber band. You tell my girls an important lesson. “Your submissive young Mommy is juss a fuck toy here for my pleasure. As you both will be when I decide your blooming little pocket pussies are ready for me.” My girls are smart and smiled real big with an angelic little “Yes Master!” before handing him the O ring that was going to keep my anal fuck hole gaped. He made my sweet girls come up and shove their little fists deep inside my shit chute. I was so stretched out they didn’t even tough the sides, but he made them rub the walls of my wet fudge factory just to watch me squirm. Then, he bent them over next to me and started lubing up their assholes so they could match with Mommy.

Age Play Phone Sex

In Need Of Some Cock Control?

cock control

You know I am always up for anything, but something that always gets me uber excited is when I get to do a little bit of cock control. See, a lot of you dumb assholes don’t know how to use your cock anyway. You jerk off too fast. You fuck too quickly, and you most certainly blow your loads way too soon. So, what you need is a hottie like me to help you learn how to keep that fuck stick in check. You might think I’m being a bitch right now and that’s okay. You’re just going to miss out on learning how to make any woman you fuck really happy.

You’re probably going to be mad that I am going to give you lessons on how to stroke your very own cock, but I don’t give a fuck. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t need some help. So you can either be mad and keep on being a bad lover, or you can call me and I will give you exactly what you need to make women beg for your cock. We both know you’re feeling intrigued and more importantly aroused. It’s time to learn how to use that cock of yours. 

Breeding Your little ones

breeding phone sex

Have I ever told you what a brutal whore I am during breeding phone sex?

Well here goes…

He needed me to help pop some sweet ones cherries and make sure they were ready for his daddy cum. His very own sweet ones at that! He knew this mixed bitch was raunchy enough to pull those little girls legs apart as I grind on his innocent daughters faces for him! He says “cum on her face as I implant this incest seed in my offspring!” 

And of course I’m gonna grind this spic nigga cunt all over her young mouth for him! That shit gets me so drenching wet and out of my mind with pleasure! I love helping daddies use those precious littles of theirs as breeding whores! I’m the accomplice that will make sure you daughters and all their little friends end up with flat chests and big pregnant bellies and swollen little pregnant cunts for you. If we have to kidnap them and keep them in the barn until they deliver then so be it! Maybe we can snuff a couple out with some brutal fucking too! We can always replace the little crotch goblins! I hope your cock got hard for that and you know where to find me! I love the dark hours where I find the most sadistic freaks like you! 


If you need a snuff cum slut phone sex session and cant sneak away we offer cyber sessions too!

Cum Slut Phone Sex

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