Tag Day

The Kings and Queens always go out and tag on Sat. That means we go out and mark our territory. It is a great day for us to raise hell and have fun.

Today a sweet young honey, approached us while we were tagging. She innocently asked about joining the gang, but we have protocol and that isn’t the way you go about becoming a Queen. We had to beat her ass, it is the law.

We were fucking that bitch up good when she fell and hit her head and we ended up offing the cunt. it really sucked cause she was so fucking fine I wanted some of that ass when we were done.

Any way I volunteered to get rid of her, strictly for selfish reasons, I took the sweet little bitch out to the river and was going to throw her in. But she wasn’t cold just yet and each time I looked at her body, so perfect and so inviting I felt that tug of desire. I undressed her and started fondling her naked body. The more I felt her up the hotter I got. I kissed her dead lips and sucked her cunt that was still luke warm.

It was such a thrill fucking that offed bitch that I will be volunteering to dispose of bodies from here on out.

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