Naughty Sissies Get Punished

Get over here you sissy pig! You’ve been so naughty I think a golden punishment is in your future. I know you can’t stand watersports but because you haven’t picked up that phone, I’m going to squat over your face and give you what you deserve! Naughty sluts like you get a mouthful of surprises! You’d do anything to please me so you’re going to drink up all my golden pee like a thirsty little piggie! After I finish emptying my bladder, your going to lay on your back and eat my pussy til I squirt! You better be lucky, this is the easy part! I should smack your balls around and tie them up for being such a whore! I better not catch you jerking that pathetic dick of yours until I say so!  Tonight is all about me! It’s all about my pleasure! Maybe I should bring out the chasity device. That will teach you your only to cum when your mistress allows it!

Now, I order you to call me tonight, be a good little slut or it can and will get far more worse 😉

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