Class Is In Session

The house started filling up with teens this morning at a an early hour. As I was preparing my morning coffee and looking around at all the possibilities I decided to hold class on Saturday.

Oh I know that doesn’t sound like a good idea, but it was a smashing success. In fact we just finished our lesson. I decided to teach them all about anatomy. I undressed and laid out on the couch, showing them each and every part of me. They followed my instructions to the letter. Feeling first my sweet, tight brown hole sliding their fingers inside. Some using one finger, some using two or three. I let them pump their fingers in and out teaching them how to bring pleasure to a woman. Then we moved to my wet and wild cunt and it’s swollen clit. Again I let them touch and play with my hot wet hole teaching them all about the g-spot and how it drives a woman crazy.

They did such a wonderful job that the lessons of the warm, wet mouth consisted of one perfectly rewarding blow job after the other.

Perhaps next time I will hold the class for the girls and you can join us being my real life anatomy model. We can teach them all about your love rod and how to take it from sweet and soft to huge and hard. We will show them exactly what to do to keep it happy and healthy. From playing with it to sucking it to sticking it in all their lovely little holes and milking it dry.

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