Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are my favorite because I sleep in and I never really know who I’m going to wake up next too.  Daddy usually comes over on Saturday night and fucks me, but sometimes he leaves.  When he leaves I usually go out and pick up a guy at the bar and bring him home because I hate to sleep alone.  I have a few drinks and don’t always remember who’s cock I have in my bed.  Sunday morning is like the cock lottery – sometimes I hit it big – other times I am a big loser.

Well, this particular Sunday morning I was a hug winner.  I had twins in bed with me, yes you heard me, I said TWINS!  Two of the hottest guys I have seen in a long time were sleeping in my bed.  I had one on each side of me, and they both had morning wood.  Oh fuck!  I can’t wait to see how this morning is going to turn out.

Adult phone chat

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