What Did You Expect…?

I went out on a date last weekend with this guy from work, and he was such a gentleman until he got back to my place.  It was almost like Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, when I shut the door and turned around he was all over me kissing and licking me.  He ran his hands up and down my body, feeling and squeezing my tits and grinding his cock into me.  I was so fucking horny, and he was getting me even hotter.  I took him to my bedroom and took his pants off and started sucking his cock, but I stopped right before he was about to cum.  He kept begging me to sit on his face so he could taste me, so I did what he asked.

Tranny Phone SexHe was shocked when my huge cock slapped him on the cheek.  He tried to push me off him, but I forced my cock into his mouth and started fucking his face.  It didn’t take long for him to open his throat and deep throat my delicious cock.  I pulled my cock out of his mouth and told him to turn around and get on his knees.  He tried to resist, but I calmed him down and eased my cock into his ass.  He soon fell into my rhythm and I fucked him hard and fast, I filled his ass with my hot load and he collapsed on the bed.  A few minutes later he got a second wind and shoved his cock in my ass, then he grabbed my cock and stroked me until we both came hard.

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