Bottoms Up!!!!!

So, yeah-I like going to spanking parties.  There, I know that I will always get the punishment that I deserve.  I say, ‘a spanking a day, keeps the doctor away.’ 🙂  I am a  bad girl who loves to test and try men who are unsure of their dominance-helping to break them in 🙂  I also like to test and try ‘experienced’ dominant men, because they know how to bring on the pain! They make me beg for it, and I do 🙂  .  I need to be restrained and spanked repeatedly with anything that you can get your hands on.  I don’t care if you use belts, paddles, switches, whips, or your bare hand. All I know is that my ass is dying for punishment.  After a good spanking, I become a good girl for a while-not!!!   I remember the first time that I got a really ‘hardcore’ spanking.  I cried so much.  It was so bad that I could barely walk and could not sit down for over a week.  My ass burned like fire and it had welts and was completely red.  While I was recuperating from this harsh spanking, I was a good submissive girl; I really was-yeah, uh-huh.

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