Mr. Badass

Fear turns my cunt into a wet and juicy slit ready to be taken. It also gets my adrenalin pumping and kicks me into fight mode. It makes me want to fuck up anyone and anything that crosses my path. So right now I am playing with fire big fucking time. When you are a Latin Queen you are expected to be loyal to no one but the Kings. You are never to stray from the club and only by death are you released from your commitment to them.
I was headed to the store when I passed the alley and heard the scuffle. Of course I had to be nosy. I watched while he stood there towering over the smaller men in his pin stripped suit, cigar in his mouth and a nasty, satisfied smirk on his lips. His henchmen, beating this guy senseless. Watching this guy get beat to a pulp made my cunt ache to be fucked. I slipped further into the alley and slid my hands down my pants, feverishly fucking my dripping cunt as I watched the mayhem unfold.
Just as the dude was loosing conscientiousness and his face became unrecognizable I cum with a load moan. SHIT…busted. I couldn’t hide fast enough. His eyes met mine and he reached me in two strides. I didn’t even have time to pull my hands out of my pants. When he grabbed me and saw what I was doing that smirk returned and I had another orgasm. Since that day he has owned me. If the Kings find out I am dead meat. But if I try to get out of this twisted relationship, he will kill me, after all he is KING PIN the notorious mob boss. The thrill of the whole thing turns me on and is so exciting!


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