Mr Sandman Give Me A Dream

I know I am one hot fucking bitch. Large and lovely and will fuck your balls off and can suck the skin off your dick. I am adventurous and kinky and will fuck any way you need or want. But I have always wondered what it must be like to have a guy toss me around like a fucking rag doll, all cave man like. Last night I had the wildest fucking dream and now I know what it is like, or sort of. I dreamed that I was sleeping and heard a loud crash in my front room. I sleep in the buff so when I got right out of bed to go see what the hell it was, it was in all my large and lovely glory. When I got to the source of the commotion I discovered that it was the Hulk in all his big green greatness in my living room. When he saw me his huge green cock rose to the occasion. He bent down and grabbed me up in his big strong hand and took me back to my bed where he promptly threw me down and began to play with my huge double J tits. He was fascinated with my jugs and played and licked and nuzzled these bad boys until I was crazy with desire for his huge cock. He then grabbed an ankle and hung me upside down while he went to town on my cunt. It was the perfect position to suck his huge fuck stick. The dream was so real and vivid and I woke up cumming all over myself. I wish I hadn’t woken up because I wanted him to fuck me silly with that big green dick. Maybe I will dream of him again tonight. What a dream!!!

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