It’s Time to Kick Ass & Chew Bubble Gum . . .

Cum Play With Me!. . . and I’m all outta gum

Boys seem to think only guys play video games.  I suppose I’m not like most girls.  Most girls my age fresh out of high school are trying to go to college.  I’m a Phone Sex Operator for work.  But what do I do for fun?  GRINS!!  I’m glad you asked.  When I’m not creaming on someone’s cock, I’m watching Anime, Cartoons and playing video games.  Guys think all girls suck at video games.  Well try me on for size!  Most guys in games start out joking thinking I’m a feeder noob and will faceplant immediately.  Then I end up wiping the floor with them!  When it cums to beating me in battle they better know how to handle their joysticks because this gamer chick means serious business!  I love all kinds of games, 1st Person shooters, MMORPGs, you name it.  Sometimes I play games with my callers.  Some of my GFE Phone Sex Clients like to call me up and go toe to toe.  The best part of that is the make up sex though.  Cuz once I beat you, I’m going to want to make you feel all male again and this hot teen mouth will work it’s magic on your cock!  I won’t let you QQ for long!

Loves videogames!

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