Mariana and Ms Suzi take on Big Ben

Big Ben usually goes for the voluptuous bitches, the ones with huge tits and a nice big ass to grab a hold of but today he took a walk on the wild side with me and Ms Suzi. Now for those of you who don’t know Ms Suzi and I are both beautiful, feminine, chicks with dicks but don’t get the wrong idea, our Big Ben is no fag he just appreciates our unique beauty. He also appreciates a really good blow job from a bitch that can handle a cock as big as his. Seeing as how Ms Suzi and I both have our own big cocks we’re definitely experts at how to handle what Ben is packing. He had us both on our knees with our hands and mouths sliding up and down that big fat dick of his, god just thinking about it now has my cock stiffening up. He told me to give Ms Suzi a good pounding so I spread her pretty ass cheeks and slid all 12 rock hard inches of my cock up in her tight fuckhole. You should have heard her screaming, that bitch loves my dick she’s always asking for more. Me and Ben had her bouncing back and forth between us until we both spurted our creamy loads inside her but he wasn’t quite finished yet. No Big Ben never stops with one orgasm, he can keep his dick hard for hours so he bent me over and slid his entire massive cock all the way inside me. I thought I was gonna be split in half for a second but then it was just feeling way too good for me to even care. Ms Suzi came and stood in front of me and slipped her cock past my lips, it was my turn to get filled and boy did they ever fill me up! It was fucking amazing and I can’t wait till Big Ben decides to take another walk on the wild side!

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