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He was so surprised

tranny phone sexI was dating this guy for weeks, we had only ever made out a little because he was being extra respectful and I thought it was cute. I was getting real friggin horny tho so I invited him over to my place and opened the door wearing some sexy lingerie and heels. Man, his eyes almost popped out his head when he saw me! He was instantly turned on and all over me. Now, I thought that he new I had a cock this whole time but apparently he didn’t because when he finally got me naked he was shocked. He was hesitant at first but I encouraged him and after a few minutes he started gingerly sucking my cock. Well, after the first hesitation he was all over it! Sucking it like he had been waiting to suck a dick his whole life it was insane! Oh it felt so good too, he wasn’t ready to be fucked yet but he sucked me off and swallowed every drop of cum.

I made him my bitch

tranny phone sexI hate when men think that they can dominate me, bitch please! First of all I have a 12 inch cock, do you have a 12 inch cock? No? Okay then you need to sit your ass down and humble yourself for real. I am a Dominate Woman, A Goddess and always a top honey, I don’t ever submit to anyone let alone a man with a cock that isn’t even half as big as mine. That’s why when you tried to act all manly and in charge last night I shut that shit down quick. You were the one on your knees worshiping this giant dick and slobbering all over it before I bent you over and fucked that ass raw. You sure weren’t trying be be all dominate when you were begging me to fuck you harder now were you? Naw, you were begging for more cock like a little bitch.

He was confused

tranny phone sexMy latest lover was very confused, he was under the impression that just because I am a woman with a giant cock that somehow I would be submissive to him. Ummmm I don’t know what kind of fantasy world he was living in but I am no submissive little bitch. Especially not to some man that has a smaller cock than I do! Bitch please, I am the top in this and every other situation. I do not take orders from anyone, let alone some man that has a little dick and thinks he should be in charge because he is the “man”. I just laughed at him right to his face and then pushed him down to his knees and told him to suck my dick before I got bored and left. And you know what? He fucking recognized my authority and got down on his fucking knees to worship my cock. I am no bottom bitch boys so when you come looking for me, make sure you are ready to be my little bitch.

Textbook small cock humiliation phone sex

small cock humiliation phone sexThis guy tried to pick me up at a bar but he was a complete dick. Really full of himself like he was trying too hard to overcompensate for something if you know what I mean. It all came off like a textbook version of a small cock humiliation phone sex call. He just had some real small dick energy going on and I was over it. I snapped at him and asked him if he really thought he had even the slightest chance of taking a Goddess like me home and he just hung his head and said no. He said that I was just like his wife, beautiful and cruel and he knew that there was no way he could ever satisfy me but he just wanted to feel like a real man for once. Well he was going about it all wrong and all he succeeded in doing was pissing me off so I made him take me home and introduce me to his wife. Her name is Vinny and she is a very beautiful woman with a taste for large cocks and boy did I have a nice big one for her. He was so shocked that I even had a dick let alone one so big, he so did not want me to fuck Vinny but I did and I made him watch the whole thing. He literally cried can you believe that shit? Vinny just laughed at him and made sure he saw that I could make her cum over and over, something that he could never do. He cleaned up her cum filled pussy when I was done fucking her too, he tried to act like he didn’t want to be he loved that shit. He still needed to be broken a bit more tho so I made sure to fuck that little man pussy of his while he was cleaning Vinny’s pussy. Little bitch even screamed can you believe that nonsense? I hope he learned a lesson on hitting on women that are way out of his league.tranny phone sex

It’s finally Halloween Season

tranny phone sexIt is finally coming up to Halloween season and I am so excited! I remember last year I dressed up as a sexy witch and I met the sexiest guy. He invited me back to his place and I guess he didn’t know that I was a tranny cus when I pulled down my panties he was just staring at my massive cock in total shock. He kind of stammered and stuttered and acted like he was going to put his pants back on but I just shushed him and gently rubbed my cock head against his lips. He greedily swallowed it all down too, I don’t know who he thought he was fooling but he had clearly done that before. He was able to swallow all 12 inches of this beautiful dick and he swallowed all of my cum too. I should look him up and see what he’s doing he was a great dick sucker.

He couldn’t do anything about it

tranny phone sexSometimes I loan people money, if they pay it back everything is great and no one gets hurt but if they don’t… well then things can get a little more difficult for them. Michael is one of those types of people, the ones that make everything hard on themselves because they don’t have the sense to just do the right thing. All he had to do was pay me back and we would have stayed friendly but he was a loser that gambled too much and so he would have to lose it all. I went to his house and asked one more time for him to pay me and he cried and told me he didn’t have it. He begged me to let it go but how could I? I decided that I would take something else from him instead, his new young wife. She is very beautiful, too beautiful for a man that weak so I decided to show him how it felt to lose her. All I had to do was show her my cock and she fell in love. She was eager to suck it and get it nice and hard. Then I fucked her in a way that he never could. Now he will have to live with the fact that his pretty wife likes me better, and he will never satisfy her again.

He sure wasn’t expecting that!

tranny phone sexI ordered some food for breakfast because I was running late and didn’t have time to cook anything. Well, I underestimated how long I would need in the shower so when the delivery guy knocked on my door I barely had time to throw on a robe and answer the door. I was still pretty damp from the shower and my robe was kind of sticking to me in ways that showed off my tits and when I reached for my food the bottom came open and my cock was completely visible. I didn’t realize that at first tho so the delivery guy just stood there with his mouth wide open in shock just staring at my dick. When I finally figured out that I was giving him a peepshow there in the doorway I just laughed and pulled him inside.I asked him if he liked what he saw and he just nodded his head, he was still unable to speak. I had to guide him down to his knees and once he was face to face with my cock it broke the spell he was under and he sucked my cock until he made me cum and then swallowed every drop. It was really a great way to start my morning that’s for sure!

He owed me big time

tranny phone sexThis guy owed me a lot of money, I shouldn’t have loaned him that much to begin with but he was very good at making me feel bad for him. I tried to be nice, I tried to wait but a girl can only wait so long before action must be taken. I went to his house and he said he still didn’t have my money and had the nerve to act all smug about it, like I would just accept that. That pissed me off big time so I slapped him across the face as hard as I could. He was shocked because I had never done anything like that before but he was about to really get the shock of his life. He had no idea that I have a huge cock so when I pulled it out and brutally throat fucked him he was a bit shocked. And when I fucked that tender ass of his all he could do was scream and beg me to stop. I told him that he better have my money or it wouldn’t just be me fucking him, next time it would be some much bigger and meaner people. He had my money the next day, sometimes it pays to be a little rough.

He was smitten

tranny phone sexHe couldn’t take his eyes off me all night long at the bar and when I offered to take him back to my place he acted like he won the lottery. He was so excited to get me naked until he pulled down my panties and saw my massive cock, after that he just stood there in shock. He was on his knees already and his cock was still hard but he didn’t move at all, he just sat there staring at me like he had never seen a dick on a woman before. Well, I just grabbed a hold of my cock and gently rubbed it against his lips. That was all he needed, he swallowed my cock like he as a starving man and my cock was dinner. He clearly had sucked dick before because he had me cumming in minutes it was amazing. Then I fucked the shit out of him and he begged me for more. He’ll be coming back tonight too, I can’t wait!

He couldn’t get enough

tranny phone sexAs soon as he saw my dick he was addicted, he just couldn’t get enough! It was like he was a man possessed he wanted to swallow every inch of it no matter how much it made him choke and gag. I gave him what he wanted, I fucked his throat like it was a pussy, hard and deep and he loved it. I let him swallow my first load of cum but I wanted that sweet man pussy too so with my big beautiful twelve inch cock still hard I rammed it balls deep in that ass. I fucked him for hours, leaving load after load of cum deep inside him and still he was not satisfied. He was begging for more so I called a few friends over and we all took turns fucking that ass until finally he passed out. It was a lot of fun I will have to fuck him again real soon!

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