Snuff Playtime with Evil Teen Lydia

I opened a day care center just for Daddy. Little Angel’s Playtime Paradise was quite a hit. I had a great idea for Daddy’s Birthday one day. I sent him an invitation asking him to “Play with Me”. I had each little bitch locked up in a cage, gassed and dressed up in sexy little lingerie. When Daddy came in, I jumped out and yelled SURPRISE!! Immediately I cut a rope and up went a tiny little naked body. She had a noose around her neck and her little legs were just a kicking lol. It was SO cute! Daddy was so happy with me it took him a few minutes to figure out which little Angel to do in first! I pulled the cute little blonde out first and down the hatchet his cock went! We had a fun filled night of forcing sweet little things to do just terrible things. Daddy had never had so many tiny little fuck holes to fuck at once! I’m a little mean though so I used some of my playtime to paint pretty red pictures on the floor. Daddy thought it was so cute he took out his camera phone and took some pictures and video of the whole thing!

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