Bloody Food Fun

Snuff Princess LydiaSo today’s blogging topic is “Making Food Sexy”. Of course all these other bitches are doing cutesy little cookies and muffin blogs. BORING!! Really?? That’s all you can come up with?! No imagination whatsoever.

If you really want to make food sexy I suggest you cum to the dark side and start with something young. The younger the flesh the more tender the meat I say.  The fun part is the “Preparation” of the meal.  I love my meat a little more on the rare side and no meat can be too tender so you really have to beat it really hard! Treat the little lambs like venison, nice and tender.I imagine quite the gruesome scene. The good news is, we don’t have to commit to just one right?!? We have so many dishes we can make let’s do them all! Female, male, let’s fillet them all up. Of course I want you to have your fun with them. No need in letting a perfectly good body go to waste right? Play with your food!  Indulge yourself. It’s the “LITTLE” things in life that are important after all right? If you are looking for real imagination instead of this fluffer nutter bull shit then I’m the Sadistic Phone Sex Teen of your bloody nightmares!  Badabababa. IM LOVINIT!

Sadistic Teen Phone Sex Lydia

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