Mesmerizing Mariana

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I see you watching me, I know exactly what you want lover and I can give you all of it. I am a beautiful woman with long legs, big firm tits and a 12 inch cock. I have it all and then some, I’m exactly what you’ve been craving don’t even try to deny it, you just can’t fool me lover. You need to surrender to your hidden desires and give yourself to me. Don’t worry lover, I’ll be gentle as I sculpt and mold you into the sexual being you’ve always longed to be.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because I am gentle, I am weak. I will own you completely, dominate you the way you have always craved to be dominated. I will guide you and push you into doing things you never thought you would do. If you are a good boy and do exactly as you are told, I will reward you with a taste of my big fat cock, you’ll be gasping for air as it slides down your throat.

I can feel your excitement as you struggle to swallow it all so I will push you face down on the floor and fuck your tight little ass until you are screaming with pleasure and begging me to allow you to cum. Are you ready for the night of your life lover?

Mesmerizing Mariana

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  1. bill

    I’ve never had a phone fuck that good before Ms Mariana, I swear my cum hit the ceiling!

    1. Mariana

      Thank you Bill, that was very sweet. Next time maybe you should grab a towel first! lol

      1. Abram


    2. Ryan Clooney Williams

      Hi my name is Ryan and I have never been had sex with a transexual before but I am attracted 2 them

  2. Craig

    WOW your dick is huge and your voice is sexy as hell I will be calling you again for sure!

    1. Mariana

      I can’t wait to fuck that sweet little ass with this huge dick Craig, you ready for round two?

  3. chris

    you are so beautiful you have the sexiest voice ever. i will definattely be going for round 2!!!!!!!! hope to talk to you soon!!!!

    1. Mariana

      Thank you so much lover, you were great! 😉

  4. Nastydaddy

    Do you like fucking prickteasing cunts with that big dick too?

  5. Steve

    Thanks for the great time Mistress. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did.


  6. Christopher

    My ass belongs to you, Mistress Mariana. I could ride that cock for days.

  7. samira

    Hola marian big cock

  8. fatima


  9. Biju T


  10. Abram

    I think you are so cute

  11. Abram

    Mariana hi

  12. Bob Brooks

    I want you so bad. You are so big, biggest I ever had. I want you to take me where I haven’t been. You are so beautiful. Love, Bob

  13. Jeffrey Ia

    I would love to suck your big huge cock and choke on it. Every day i’ll suck your cock

  14. Joshua cox

    Hi..umm not sure how this works?”

  15. Gabriel

    Hi you are beatiful I wish I could suck your nice cock

  16. Frank

    Someone hit me up tonight and pound my

  17. jai


  18. Bob Brooks

    I would truly love to see and meet that 12 inch cock. I would love taking you into my mouth and down my throat. Or up my ass. The thought of all that cum turns me on. So when can we get together fr a party> You can bring some friends along for morale support if you want. Bob

  19. Aaron

    Hey I’m new to this my name is Aaron

  20. Abram

    Hi marina please let me know if I could text you

  21. Abram

    Mariana you the sexiest ever please reply back

  22. Abram


  23. Jim

    I would love to suck on that beautiful cock.

  24. Adam Bryant

    Hello, you’re so gorgeous I love watching you stroke your big cock I wish I could be on the other end taking your cock!

  25. Jared

    Hi I would love to do WAY more than chat with you i’d love to serve that perfect foot long in person you are amazing

  26. Brandon Tooker


  27. lohan


  28. Matthew

    Mistress Mariana you have me forever in your control. i forever bow to your cock. i am your sexual toy to use as a cum rag whenever you need.

  29. Aaron

    Very hot call, thanks:)

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