Let’s Spoil Eachother

The economy isn’t in the best shape and you’re stressed out, but I can relieve that stress, baby. Sometimes you worry that you aren’t the best bread-winner or man. When you’re dealing with those awful thoughts, you need to pick up the phone and dial your goddess Emma. It just takes some reassurance…a little rub and tug from these soft hands. I understand. I take the time to satisfy your needs and build you back up to the man you’ve always been. I scratch your back, so you scratch mine, see? If you want to keep me cumming and happy, you’ll spend your time, effort and money on me. I look out for you and you know it. I get you hard. I make you cum. Admit it. You can save that hard-earned cash by asking about our specials. It’s a win-win situation. You get off to the sexy timbre at a very reasonable rate. You’re welcome! With all those savings, I’m sure you can afford to spoil your eye candy girlfriend even more.

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