On your knees loser!

Hahahaha you think you’re my boyfriend don’t you? When are you going to realize that you will never be man enough to be my man? You are nothing but my pussy worshipping little subby loser, an open wallet, my little money pig and you will never be anything else. So get down on the floor where you belong, I have a pussy filled with a real man’s cum waiting for you. Oh you don’t want to lick it up? Well that’s just too fucking bad for you now isn’t it? If you want to worship at the altar of my pussy, then you have to deal with the sloppy seconds because that is all you are going to get! I would never fuck a pathetic loser like you, I need a real man, a strong man that knows what he wants and knows how to get it. You are not a real man and you never will be, you need to remember that.

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