Specials are better when used!


I love a special. A special toy. A special little thing to play with. A special night to play. I always look for that special spark when I see the prefect play thing. You know what I mean. That special feeling you get when you see the PERFECT little body begging to be … used. Begging to be abused.  I want to do all the dirty work.. you can join in or you can watch.  I love the drity work anyhow. The chase. The catch. The bondage and the pain. I want to do it all. Experience it all.  Touch and taste every part of my prey. Push past the normal and enjoy the Wild. Experience the ultra KINK.   You cant pass up something so special. There is just a time to really enjoy a special. And if you are REALLY lucky. I mean REALLY lucky. You can get exactly what you want and save a ton of money also! All it takes is asking for a special. Getting your perfect fantasy AND saving money… that is making my puss drip!

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