Hot Time a with New Friend…

Submissive Phone SexI recently met a new neighbor, he had been watching me from his bedroom window when I was in my bedroom at night changing. When I first spotted him I invited him over and we had one hell of a night of steaming hot sex. Since that day we have spent a great deal of time together and he loves that I am submissive and will do anything I am told to do. The other day he came over to invite me to a party and gave me a present. He said I bought you an outfit to wear. He explained to me that is was a very special event that he attends annually and wanted to take me with him as his guest this year. I was so excited that he chose me to go with him.

When I opened the box there was this lime green and black zebra print that was basically a thong bikini with a lime green fishnet to go over it. It really made me wonder what kind of event this was going to be. So last night was the event, he picked me up at eight o’clock and he was wearing a tux. I began to feel really uncomfortable about the outfit he had chosen for me to wear. Upon arriving at the even I noticed all the men were dressed in tuxedo’s and all the women were dressed in really wild outfits. I felt my outfit was rather tame compared to most of the ladies.

We were served drinks and before long we were called in for a very formal dinner. After the dinner the ladies were escorted to this room that was equipped with many sexual devices, beds, tables, straps, chains, and some things that I was unsure as to what they were. We were given another drink and told that the men would join us shortly. Well the last drink must have been spiked with something because we all got so loaded so fast it was unreal. Then when the men did come into the room we were told to undress.

We were all strapped down in various positions with various devises around this huge room. Then the men took turns on us, some of us were whipped, others were made to give blow jobs, others were fucked in the ass or the pussy. This went on for hours I was pussy fucked and titty fucked by so many men I can’t even tell you. I can tell you I had one orgasms after another and watching what was happening to the other ladies got me so excited that very time I came it was so hard and my whole body would quiver all over.

I was so loaded that when the event was over I couldn’t locate the outfit I wore there so my date put his coat over me and took me home, I was still so horny on the ride home that I bent over and sucked my dates cock on the way home and he shot his hot wad of thick cum down my throat as we pulled into the driveway. He carried me up to my bedroom, took his cast off of me and fucked me until I passed out! I hope he chooses me to attend next years event with him!

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