What Are Your Fantasies?

GFE Phone Sex

Everyone has a fantasy that they just have to live out, and I want to know what yours is. I think every girls fantasy consists of her man taking her to the most beautiful waterfall and fucking her brains out on a rock underneath it. The sensation of the water falling on both of us while we are in the heat of the moment is so sexy. I know I get wet and usually have to touch my clit when I think about that for too long.

Of course, that’s not the only fantasy I have. I also fantasize about joining the mile high club, or even jumping out of a plane naked while trying to fuck at the same time. Something about your strong hands wrapped around my naked body while we fall from a perfectly good plane is so fucking hot that I get all wet over that fantasy too. If you surprised me with a picnic in a meadow with jazz music playing softly as we feed each other and make out ridiculously before we fuck also turns me on. So, tell me, what are your fantasies?

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