Hot Sex in the Springtime!

Tranny Phone SexToday was such a beautiful day out and I am so glad Spring is finally here! Anyone that knows me at all knows I love to fuck outside every chance I get. I knew when I woke this morning I was going to fuck someone outside today, the weather was perfect for it. Plus I had a boner from hell and I didn’t want it to go to waste, that would be a shame, don’t you think so too? So I called my friend and asked if he would like to join me for brunch on my patio and he said he could be over in thirty minutes or so.

So I jumped up and showered really quickly, put on some sexy panties, fishnets and heels. Fixed my makeup and hair and ran down stairs to the kitchen and threw together some breakfast, fresh fruit, blueberry pancakes, bacon, and of course a pitcher of Mimosa’s to set the mood. Just as I was setting the food out on the patio table my doorbell rings. I hurried and placed everything out and ran to open the door. I think I took my friends breath away the moment he looked at me! I was so happy I got the reaction I was hoping for.

He followed me to the patio and we had a very nice brunch and three or four Mimosa’s each. Once our tummies were full my hard cock could wait no longer. I got on my chair on my knees and stuck my rock hard cock between the chair slats and my friend knew exactly what to do, he drooped to his knees and sucked me into an explosive orgasm. I blew my wad so hard down his throat I thought he was going to choke, but he managed to get it all down. Then I had him sit on my lap so I could fuck his tight little ass while I jacked him off and we both blew our hot wads at the same time! I love good weather, I am an outside person and am really looking forward to all the great fucking I will be doing outside this season!

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