Good ol’ Boy lovin

I had the best call from a good ol boy. We’ll call him Mr. John Deere. What a cutie pie! He was sweeter than momma’s home made apple pie and sexy to boot. We chatted for a while as we got to know each other. John Deere likes Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex calls. He decided to mix it up with some Black Girl Phone Sex and let me show him how this black girl gets her fuck on. He was so sexy! He ate my pussy like he was a starvin man and the only thing standing between him and dying was eating my hot, wet, caramel honey pot! I had a few tricks to show him as well. Any man that is going to eat a pussy like that deserves the biggest and best blowjob ever. I gave him that and more. Eventually I was just begging for his big hard cock inside me. To plop that juicy, fat head inside me and fuck me hard and deep. I came over and over again on his cock and he rewarded me with a huge load of his cum. After we laughed, shivering from such a good fuck. I gotta say, getting lovin from a good ol boy is the way to go! Thank you John Deere.  I can’t wait to ride you again!

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