A Special Game

I got this brilliant idea to go out and play a game. I put together several little goodie bags with instructions. In each goodie bag I placed motion lotion, regular lotion and some heated lotion. I also included a butt plug, wash rag and a note which reads:
This is a special game, are you willing to play? This bag has everything you need to play my game. At one in the morning I will turn on my computer and my web cam. I have a goodie bag with the same things as yours. If your game log on with me for some hot cyber sex. My web address is included. Only guys I deem worthy will get these goodie bags and you are one of the special ones. Hope to see you on line.
I went to my favorite club with a handful of bags and picked my playmates carefully. I went home and got ready for my special game. It was such a turn on when the requests to link started coming in. Every one of the guys I choose showed up. We played for hours and as the sun was rising we were still linked by more then just cyber space, making each other cum. Sometimes cyber sex can be so realistic. It is definitely exciting when there are lots of toys and mutual masturbation involved. If your a good boy I will make sure you get a goodie bag so you can play next time. I will be playing this game again soon! I think each time I want to play I will pick a new place to pass them out, the mall, the zoo, the movies, a restaurant…the possibilities are endless!

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