One Maid A Milking

I love milking your cock with every trick I have. I can see the look in your eyes as your fuck stick grows when I free my huge tits from their confinement and pull a nipple to my lips. As I look at you and gently suck it into my mouth I watch you reach down and rub your shaft. You are waiting for the go ahead to put your big dick in between these soft tits. You want to rub that cock between these mountains of flesh while I pinch and pull my nipples and lick the head of your dick. You know this is just a warm up for what is yet to cum. I can feel you on the edge and stop. You look down into my eyes with a pleading expression. I smile sweetly and lay you back kissing your belly all the way down to your pulsating dick. You anticipate the warmth of my mouth around your hard cock and soon you get what you want. I am miking you dry and soon you reward me with that thick sweet liquid that trickles down my throat. Thank you for my tasty treat. I look forward to milking you again soon my sweet.

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