My Favorite Surfboard

I’ve been surfing my entire life!  OK – for as long as I can remember!  I love going to the beach with my favorite surfboard and hitting the waves early in the morning.  Usually there aren’t many girls here, in fact I am usually the one.  I like it this way because all the guys are staring at me because I change my clothes right there on the beach.  Yes, out in the open I remove all my clothing and put my suit on, and of course I always need help tying or buckling the top.  This is how I get you to talk to me, then I gently let you know that I need to fuck before I hit the waves.  I can see that you are all too happy to help me out, but sometimes you say no.  It never fails when we are out on the water I will fall off my board and you will have to come and rescue me.  This is when I learn that you are very interested in fucking me, but she’s in the car.  I gave you my name and phone number, grab my board and head back to the waves.  I want nothing more than to go to my place and fuck your brains out but that will have to wait until we can be alone!

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