He Wants Me To Be His Girlfriend

He calls me regularly and needs the release of phone sex. No one else understands what he wants and needs and his only relief is when he is with me. I tell him just what he wants to hear. I am patient and gentle and I coax him into his state of arousal. It isn’t until his dick is as hard as it can get and aching to explode for me that I bring him full circle. He tells me every time how much he loves me and how he wishes I was his girlfriend. He swears if I would only met him, he would give me the stars and the moon and I would never want for anything. He promises to go slow and spoil me until I fall madly in love with him like he is with me. What keeps me from doing it? Why don’t I take him up on his offer? Do I want to be a girlfriend or do I just enjoy being a phone sex operator to much to be committed to just one guy? I have thought about it, the offer is tempting, but what if it isn’t what expect it to be? What if I am not what he expects me to be? I think I will stay here where it is safe and continue to be all he needs when he calls.

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