Halloween Party

Last year I had the best Halloween party! I invited everyone in the neighborhood, and it turned into a huge orgy! It was so hot, my pussy is still wet thinking about it! I must have fucked or sucked 30 cocks that night, and when it was over I still wanted more. The neighbor from across the street pounded my cunt so hard that a year later I can still feel his cock. I hope he comes back to the party this year. Some people wore masks and full body costumes, so you had no idea who you were fucking which was incredibly hot!  My husband was such and angel and made sure I had enough coke for my gang bang phone sex weekend!  Having a cock in my pussy while I am being skull fucked is the best thing in the world to me.  My husband loves his cock loving whore wife – he watches as these men fuck me, and that turns me on even more.  Halloween has always been fun, but now its a major fucking gang bang!  I can’t wait to see how this years party turns out.

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