Dat’s Just How We Roll

The life of the Kings and their Queens can be a very intimate thing. We fight together, live together, work together , eat together and yes we FUCK together. We share everything. So today we decided to do a little documentary. We all met here at the club house to film a day in the life of the Kings. We filmed our hole day, and while we had to black out faces during our criminal activities, we gladly show our faces and more during our nightly pleasures. You get to see all the tight pussy belonging to our Queens and all the huge cock belonging to our Kings. We are happily showing you how we fuck and suck each other as if we are the only ones left alive in this stinking shit hole world. We want you to see how our Kings are in control and how they take their Queens the way they want to shoving their cocks into us any where and any way they want to, They know these tight cunts, asses and mouths are theirs and that we live to please them. Tomorrow we are going to down load it on the net for the whole world to see. In the mean time I give you this sneak peak at one frame. I know your jacking you pathetic cock while you look at it, wishing you could be in the middle of it all fucking and sucking with us. Guess you will have to wait till tomorrow to watch the whole thing and beat your fucking meat while you watch our video on your computer over and over again helping us go viral. Have fun jack off and don’t blow your load on the screen and fuck your shit up.

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