Stroke It For Me

I have to admit, I love seeing guys stroke their cocks for me! It doesn’t necessarily matter what size you are, just seeing your hand gripping your dick and you stroking it for me to see gets my little pussy wet! Let me guide you and whisper dirty things in your ear while you stroke your cock on cam! Could you imagine me on my knees, sucking on your fat cock, deep throating it… take your other hand and tickle your balls. Now imagine that was my tongue licking it up and down. Get your lube and make sure that cock is nice and wet because I’m going to slide my tight wet pussy onto your cock. Let me hear those wet gushing noises while you jack your cock! Feels just as amazing as my pussy walls gripping your dick huh? My favorite part out of all of this, is seeing your creamy load shoot out all over your chest! I want to see how far it goes, mmm I wish I could just lick that sticky mess all up!

If your in the mood for some hot phonesex, might as well turn that cam on and let me see you stroke it!

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