Ms. Melinda

Playing with my brats and their friends is great fun but every so often a mommy needs a change, some new young flesh, a teen to mold, or an innocent that can be introduced to the wonderful world of mommy.

So I started kicking around the idea of maybe subbing at the local schools a few months ago and low and behold they called me and hired me. My first job was last week and I really enjoyed it. But yesterday was the best day yet. I decided to be bold and break free and see just how much I could really get out of this job. There was a sweet teen that had wood all day. I could tell by the way he stared me down all day that he was going to be easy to play with. So at the end of the day I made him stay after class to talk to me.

I started it off all “teacher like” and pulled out some of the assignments he had turned in for the day. We both knew that subs don’t keep you after class and there was more to this then assignments. But he played along perfectly which just added to the thrill of what I was about to do and with any luck what he was about to give me.

I got up and came around the desk and told him to stand up. He was as tall as I am and when he stood his boner was saluting like a flag had just been raised. I looked down at it and reached out and grabbed it, he flinched and gasped just a little but I could feel it bouncing against my hand, wanting more.

I unzipped his pants and bent over, taking his hard, hot pulsating toy in my mouth. I sucked him like he had never been sucked before and just when he was about to cum I stopped and stood up.

By this time he was breathing heavy and beads of sweat were forming on his lip. he wanted to cum so bad his balls ached and being the good mommy I am, I was going to give him exactly what he wanted, but not without getting mine.

I undressed and cleared the desk laying back and exposing my juicy pussy, spreading my lips and dipping my fingers inside before putting them to my mouth and sucking the juice off. His eyes were wide as he waited for me to give him the go ahead. I pulled him close and inched the head of his prick near my waiting cunt, just letting him put the head of it inside the warmth of my muff.

The torture was endless as I teased his manhood with my milky hot hole until finally I rammed hard against him,  burying it all deep inside. It didn’t take long for us both to explode on that desk.

We both got dressed and he left the class room.  He didn’t say a word and neither did I but we both knew there would be a next time. I can’t wait to visit that school again and hope he is in my next class. Maybe next time he will let me take out the paddle and he can give me my licks for being a bad mommy teacher. Perhaps I will tell you when and where and you can peek in the window from the school yard.  You never know!

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